Get Frustrated to Grasp an Idea

By Ian Fernando

The other day I discuss how creating a digital product is fairly simple. There is literally two steps, have an idea and write or take action on it. First how can you choose what you want to sell or create for the online world? There has to be something that everyone wants which is not saturated and which is very beneficial to multiple readers and users. The question becomes more questions: What are users looking for? What will benefit them? Should I make it free or sell it at a price? How much? The ecover design? What about the sales page?

STOP! First, let's start with the basic, have an idea. What do you want to write about or create? One of my other eBooks was about the Samsung BlackJack i607. Since I bought the phone I wanted to know all the hacks and shortcuts on the phone. I scoured forums and asked multiple bloggers. It literally took me a lot of time to find all the information I wanted. I loved my phone and I wanted to use it to its full potential. My idea, create a tutorial or general hacks about the Samsung BlackJack.

How did I come about the idea?

After all the searching and testing out my own phone, I knew what hacks were legit and what were not. I had to restart my phone to its default several times and I was piss for doing so. I bet others on the internet did not like the fact they were restarting their phone or searching and wasting time finding proper workable hacks for their phone. Prior to my ebook, I simply just bookmarked all the legit sites with the right information and went to them regularly. I thought to myself, what if I just compiled everything into a cheap ebook?

Why create an eBook when it is on the Internet?

The reason for this is frustration. I was frustrated and I was wasting time just simply finding hacks for my phone, workable hacks at that as well. I do not want to waste time as we know time is precious. Time is the main factor, basic users do not want to search and search and test and test and they want results. The results have to be immediate especially if they are testing the hacks on their phone.

Everyone on the internet is looking for information and fast information, users want it now and they want results now! I personally can feel for others on the net at some of the search results that I have found which produce poor results.

We are in the information age and we want to know and educate ourselves fast and achieve the results fast. Constantly searching on the internet is wasting valuable time, time which users can spend more time with their friends and family. Time and Frustration geared me to create a very popular ebook at the time the Samsung BlackJack was released.

Have you Experience it for yourself?

You need to think to yourself what do users want? Have you been through that experience? Most of my digital products or reports I create are base on my experience, if I am experiencing issues, you can safely assume many others are experiencing it as well. My BlackJack ebook is the only such ebook on the internet and it sells everyday - even after the new release of the Samsung BlackJack. This ebook save time and save others the frustration of trying to search and find poor results.

Going through the experience of frustration can push you to create a digital product no one has. Your frustration or experience gives you new ideas, new ideas to create a digital product no one has yet to create. If you have been through experience or frustration then ideas just come to you naturally. You are annoyed enough that you want to make your life easier by either making some tools for yourself. As I stated when I found all the workable hacks for my BlackJack Phone, I bookmarked all the sites and some I even DOC formatted some.

Finalizing your Frustrated Idea

Once you have managed your experience and ideas, how should you finalize your idea? Is your idea right for you and future readers? First thing is did your results help you? Remember if you are experiencing the annoyance someone and many others are annoyed as well. Are you satisfied with your results? Did you benefit from your hard work of searching and wasting all that time? Did you compile all your resources?

Finalizing is the simplest part of digital creation, if you are satisfied with your work and results your idea is accomplished. How can an idea be accomplished if there are still mixed results? Once your idea is settled and you know it has benefited you it will benefit your future readerships. Just take all your resources and compile it into one.

An idea usually comes from something you get annoyed at, especially if something that has not simplified your life or work. We tend to find ways and shortcuts to make life easier within our fast paced life style. If we are experiencing it, so many others are experiencing it as well. Take your frustration to a whole new idea!

Ian Fernando
Involved in the internet space since 2002 and have been through the ups and downs of this online industry. I am a traveling digital nomad, media buyer, online strategist, and many more online titles.

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