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By Ian Fernando

Affiliate networks are still rapidly growing even with the new FTC rules and the rapid changes of the affiliate industry. Recently I was talking to Aaron my affiliate manager at YeahCpa and he gave me some insights about what their network is about and how they are going to be the different guys in the affiliate industry.

With the constant battle to get new affiliates or even get big affiliates to work with their network, YeahCpa has some interesting incentives which can bring out the small affiliates over and even encourage big publishers as well. One is their bi weekly payment options. This incentive is pretty attractive to almost all affiliates.

The reason is because we want to see our money as soon as possible. Most networks start all publishers at net 30 or even net 45. Some networks ask you make about $1000 a week to get paid weekly. At YeahCPA you get paid biweekl, every other week. Not bad. The sooner someone get paid the happier an affiliate it.

In regards to getting paid bi weekly, you can also get paid daily - even if you only made 20$! YeahCPA will pay you tomorrow, but it is base on 50 offers exclusive to their network. Getting paid daily with some networks requires a publisher to make several thousand. The lowest I have heard is to reach $1000 and you can request to get paid the next day. Other networks do it by lead, generate 1000 leads and you can get paid tomorrow.

According to Aaron they take a very small margin, meaning the publisher gets paid even higher. Most networks now take a very slim margin so they can provide the highest payout to their affiliates. This isn't anything new to top publishers in the industry.

YeahCPA runs on the HasOffers tracking platform. There are several networks that run on the HasOffers platform and I personally think it is a solid platform. But Aaron has told me they are working on their own tracking platform, which is a plus in itself. This will give the network more control of what they need and what the publishers want.

Currently they have several hundred offers and are constantly adding everyday. I was talking to Aaron about mobile offers and he told me he will go out and find it for me. Now that is dedication to a publisher. If you are looking specifically for an offer, YeahCPA will go ahead and try to get that specific offer for you.

That is what I love about my circle of networks, they will go out and find it for me. Aaron will do the same for you, as long as the relationship between publisher and affiliate managers is strong. Nothing is more important than the relationship, because both are in the business to make money. Depending on each other is always a win win situation.

Growing their offers, adding about 30 new offers a week, they also are part of the HasOffers offer Exchange platform. This allows them to grow their list of offers even greater by exchanging offers with other networks, almost like brokering the offers. With more than 500 offers in their network and the constant need for more unique offers, YeahCPA is there to find the niche perfect for you.

Another amazing platform they are making is a program in which, the publisher can integrate offers into a landing page. Meaning the publishers are getting fixed landing pages and then adjusting the theme to their liking. While in creation Aaron told me they will have over 100 landing pages pre made and all a YeahCPA has to do is integrate the offers into the landing page. There is no need to create your own, test your own, find graphic artists, code the landing page, etc. YeahCPA is going to be providing that to you.

While it is still in the making, YeahCPA will have this tool exclusive to their publishers only.

Going into the new year, it seems YeahCPA has some new aspects they are going to be creating to get publishers into their network. Having a large inventory of offers does mean you can find your specific niche that no one else is doing. As well as being paid bi weekly is always a plus.

Check Out YeahCPA and see their immense inventory of offers.

Ian Fernando
Involved in the internet space since 2002 and have been through the ups and downs of this online industry. I am a traveling digital nomad, media buyer, online strategist, and many more online titles.

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