Getting Personal with Monica Durazo

By Ian Fernando

Bloggers beware, I have a blogger who's personality brings a smile to friends and people around her. As we know a blog needs a personality kick, I have or been trying to add some interesting personal experiences on this blog - outside of internet marketing. Monica recently just started a blog and already she is being recognized on the blogosphere. Recently Monica Durazo was the host of Top Affiliate Challenge host and she did a great job at it. There were times within the first couple days it was hard because of criticism of the show. Later on she stayed strong and started to network with everyone at the show.

Entering as a total noob to the internet and internet marketing, Monica started to realize there is potential on the internet. Everyone was telling her to start a blog, since she already does it on her myspace page. Wes Wyatt has helped her register her own domain and John Chow helped her setup her full blog! Everyone was giving her tips and tricks about the internet and even how to benefit from the internet.

Jeremy even had her model for his website. Monica learned a lot from the show and though she was going through rough times while at the show, every contestant made sure she was feeling home. Her personality showed very quickly and almost felt like we all were best of friends.

For today's podcast, I had the opportunity to talk to Monica for a little bit about her success with her new blog. Her blog has received an enormous traffic from other blogs and just the internet in general. She is getting traffic that other beginner bloggers are trying to get after several months while Monica received it within days of launch of her blog.

Though her blog is very different from a lot of blogs out there, hers is very personal. She talks about her daughter and even does video blogging on her blog! It is amazing how a newbie is doing video blogging because she realizes the potential of video, while others out there are stuck under a rock about vlogging.

Monica jump started her internet stardom right near the end of Top Affiliate Challenge, we all helped her with her blog and she appreciated all of our help. It is a great time to talk to her about her blog and about her experience on the show.

This was a good podcast because I wanted to show everyone out there that it is possible to get traffic and good traffic as long as you do networking. This discussions proves you can make it on the internet and your blog does not have to make money, it can be for personal growth as Monica has stated. I believe this is a great podcast for beginners on the internet when creating a blog because it proves you can have a successful launch within days of releasing your own website or blog.

Listen to the Podcast Below:

Ian Fernando
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