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By Ian Fernando

I have written several post on trackbacking and even did a case study on it. I think trackbacking is a great way to get yourself noticed. Trackback links are another way to increase blog traffic and make money from home with your blog. You can take advantage of this method because not many people know what it is, how it works, or how their blogs can benefit from it.

It is very similar to promoting the blog, encoding the article link within your post because you have either quoted the author or you are borrowing a piece of information to add into your blog.

Trackback links are another way to increase blog traffic and make money from home with your blog. You can take advantage of this method because not many people know what it is, how it works, or how their blogs can benefit from it.

Basically, a trackback will let another person's website know when you make a blog post that refers to that other person's blog post. It's like citing references within your blog post for your readers to click on when they want more information on the same topic by another author.

Since comments are important to blog authors to create an environment of interaction, trackbacks puts a piece of the link and article within the authors blog comment of the post that you have quoted. Trackbacks and comments are the core elements that make up the social aspects of blogging.

Well, ever since I have downloaded Yaros Blog Profit BluePrint I have been learning a lot especially trackbacks and commenting. I have been trackbacking on almost every post I create, quoting the author of another blog that I regularly read or do a Google blog search on.

I enjoy trackbacking to others because they bring in another source of expertise. They add more knowledge to my blog or if I feel an author can be argumentative I will quote them as well. Since I usually quote authors I like the attitude it brings and the writing styles, intercepting with my writing style and creating a controversial atmosphere (though the content may not be controversial at all).

In the past I have had several blog authors visit my blog and comment on the topics I wrote on. They notice the trackback and interested in what I had to say about them or what I wrote about from their blog. Darren from ProBlogger has corrected me in one of my post about the Battle of Amazon Affiliates, he simply corrected me on my stats that I posted. Now I felt very grateful a pro blogger has visited my blog on this issue. I tend to trackback to Darren's blog on interesting or newly released writing on several post I have created.

Another is Jonathan from SmartWealthyRich, he has backed me and my blog up on a recent post, specific to a recent issue. His blog has a lot of great post about recent news on the internet and how you can benefit from the internet to earn money. I tend to trackback to his post several times as his writing style is very unique and adds personality to my blog.

This form of social networking is a great attribute within the internet, communicating with others by blogging.

When I trackback to other blogs I make sure the content that I like is relevant to my post and my blog in general. I want to assure the reader that there is no digression within my post. I also make sure the tone is perfect for my post. If I read a post and it seems so so, I really will not trackback to it since it may be so so for the readers as well.

But there are bloggers out there that refuse not to post out of their blog, scared they are diverting traffic or preselling to another blog.

I find this typical of a beginner.

Why? Well I was like that in the beginning; I was not trackbacking to other blogs when I first started my blog in April. I was saying to myself why should I send traffic to a blog that already is getting more hits than I am?

Well this kind of thinking should not be within the blogosphere. We as authors and bloggers are all hard workers and communicators. We communicate to others by blogging. We let others know what we do, what we know, and how we do it better than others.

By simply trackbacking to another blogger you are pinging them that you found their post interesting, that blogger may soon post something about you as well later in the future, providing your blog a stream of traffic. Trackbacking also gives your blog more publicity from another authors blog. Readers may see the controversy issue created within the comments section and decide to visit your blog. Related and targeted traffic. Here is a small video which is very helpful on pingbacks and trackbacks:


For example, HomeWithHeather recently trackback a post I created yesterday as well as OptiNiche on a controversial issue. By simply trackbacking to other blogs and getting noticed, you create a curiosity for the author. Most likely they will visit your blog to see what was written about them. Its human curiosity that makes us do this.

You always want to expose yourself more and more on the internet, as it is a vast ocean of information. By simply just referring to a post you like can get you exposed enough that you are filtering traffic to your website or blog. You also may get noticed enough the more popular blogs will rank you and write about you, using you as a source to their blog post.

This just brings back to Content is King, authors will only use you if you have good source of information to provide. So again content is the key to your success, online and offline. Trackbacking to quality sources and content will provide your blog a diverse atmosphere of personality and point of views. Once you are noticed all over the internet, then an author may notice your post and decide to track back to you, providing a rich amount of traffic and new readers!

Ian Fernando
Involved in the internet space since 2002 and have been through the ups and downs of this online industry. I am a traveling digital nomad, media buyer, online strategist, and many more online titles.

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