Goal Motivation: Just Do It!

By Ian Fernando

Sometimes I need motivation; I tend to procrastinate when it comes to creating my ebooks, reports, or building my list. I need motivation! Earning through the internet and retiring soon should be my motivation, but sometimes I say to myself I have been doing this for so long - what is going to change! Well that is definitely a bad attitude and I do not want to have that type of attitude later if I do become successful.

My motivation is just that, to change my attitude (which has changed dramatically ever since I started Internet Marketing 1 year ago), and to start earning passive income via the internet! This is my goal as a person, as your goal may be different from mines.

So I say to myself "Just DO It", then I go put on my Nike slippers on and brainstorm.

The question still remains here though – how do I “just do it?” That’s the question isn’t it? It all begins, as does every single thing else, in your head. It’s a matter of how badly do you want to feel better about yourself, to feel good because you are healthier as a result of exercising or how bad to you want to earn from the internet.

If you want a chance at achieving something you have to set goals. If you want to achieve your goals then there are a number of simple rules to follow.

Write them down! Only 5 % of the population writes down their goals! Have they achieve their goals or not? If you don’t set goals then at the end of next year you will find yourself no further forward than you are now! Writing down your goals involves imagining or visualizing them. You need to see yourself at that finish line!

Make your goals detailed and specific, I want to live somewhere warm and nice is a bit vague even for the subconscious mind! Who, what where, why, when! If nothing else it’s pleasant and relaxing to visualize being in a situation where your dreams have come true.

BUT, don't make them overwhelming. You need to set REALISTIC goals. For example: I will lose 5 pounds by the end of 2 weeks. Its realistic. You can definitely lose 5 pounds within a week, but if your just starting it may take some motivation and exertion, so 2 weeks is very realistic. If you make your goals way to overwhelming you will not achieve your goal and you will feel bad about yourself because you didn't achieve it.

Yesterday reading Joel Comms' Blog, he says:

There was every excuse then for doing nothing, and continuing to dream.

Dreaming is a gret thing, but making it into reality is far better! You need to start doing and not do nothing. Once you have set your goals you should reward yourself.

Rewarding yourself make you feel better as a person and helps you do more. When I first received my first online income I was so excited, that wow people really can make money on the internet. I decided to take my family out to dinner. It made me feel great and I have the support of my family.

John Wesley even agrees with self rewards:

Set up rewards. It’s best to reward yourself often the first week, and then reward yourself every week for that first month. Make sure these are good rewards, that will help motivate you to stay on track.

So reward yourself. Especially if it is a task you don’t enjoy, make a point of rewarding yourself when it’s completed. Give yourself something to look forward to as an incentive.

But does your goal match your personality or character? You rewarded yourself because you completed your goal that you have set. Did that change your mindset on how to achieve that goal or maybe even your character?

You most likely have. Motivating yourself to accomplish your goal is the beginning of changing your character. You stop watching TV to complete your task, that's  change of character; from a couch potato to a goal oriented person. I enjoyed this portion of Steve Pavlinas' blog:

For example, suppose you want to become more successful in your career, and you set a goal to reach a certain position. Maybe the main reason you haven’t yet reached that position is that your character attributes are out of sync with it.

This can be true. Your mind is not set to that goal; change is always what is needed when trying to motivate yourself to achieve your goal.

Doing doesn't always require great planning. It requires a dedication and commitment. Anybody can take action. But can you take responsibilities for your actions with the goals you've set? If you fail will you just quit? Or will you figure out what is wrong? My blog is all about me being a failure at success, because that is how I learn. I share my case studies, I share my ideas, I share my mistakes.

If I didn't do anything, I wouldn't have received my first dollars on the internet, which motivated me to do more because it is possible to do anything; you just need to put on your Nike Sneakers and Just Do It!

Ian Fernando
Involved in the internet space since 2002 and have been through the ups and downs of this online industry. I am a traveling digital nomad, media buyer, online strategist, and many more online titles.

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