Google vs Google Blog Search?

By Ian Fernando

So one of my good friends beat me from a SEO standpoint, he took my number one spot in SERP! I was kinda surprise but he's a Jersey dude so no hard feelings. A lot of my pages or blog posts come up as number one for specific search term, with really no SEO optimizing at all. At the time I wasn't really optimizing my blog post for a specific search term at all. But the search term was "direct track sucks" Now when I did a Google search, after of course reading my buddy Zac Johnson's post I was surprise to see that he beat me basically right when he posted his post.

This got me thinking if blog post take part in SEO once a blog is posted? I mean they are immediately posted on but Google directly? For Yahoo I am number one for direct track sucks as well as for MSN, gotta love video. So anyways I was just surprise to see him beat me literraly like maybe 5 minutes after he posted his blog post. I am unaware of when he posted, but I read his tweet, read his blog then did my search. So I was thinking if blogs take priority over searched terms. I remember reading something about this somewhere luckily I found it on Probloggers blog:

It looks like Google could be using Google Blog Search results in their main search queries to give Google users a more up to date search result - something that puts bloggers at a distinct advantage over other kinds of more static sites.

So I thought to myself are blogs really the highlight of the internet? As I have stated prior before, blogs is a great source of information from a real persons' point of view. Blogs carry a lot of information and opinions, which is what we like we like gossip and what others think about his blog or that product. We are in that internet stage where we just like to ramble. Why do you think websites that carry news have blogs now as well as magazines?

But back to direct tracking sucking so badly and how Zac Johnson beat me in less that 24 hours to be number 1. I honestly think Google Blogsearch is really piecing out the internet to help usrs find the content they need and fast! Google is all about user experience and finding the most relevant content to the end user. Now will Zac be #! forever without any SEO, hell I am number 1 without any SEO to the blog post or videos. I am not sure about what the outcome will be after 1 week maybe 1 month? I personally would like to see this. Not sure if I have time to do so.

So what does this mean for SEO people? Not sure, but blogs are taking over. One spam blog at a time.

Ian Fernando
Involved in the internet space since 2002 and have been through the ups and downs of this online industry. I am a traveling digital nomad, media buyer, online strategist, and many more online titles.

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