Got a Box! Sorry for Down Time

By Ian Fernando

Argh so the past couple days or weeks some of my sites have been going down and/or looking strange. The reason for this is because of the multiple changes I have been doing to all my sites. I finally got a box or a dedicated server and I am very proud about it. It took me a while to learn and teach myself the basics of WHM. I mean that right sidebar look scary as hell when I first logged in, I was like looks like I need to hire someone!

On that aspect I almost did but with the help of John Hasson and others I have managed to get the basics and finally get things running via my box. So it was a tough experience for me I literally wanted to just pay someone to transfer all my sites and do all this crap for me. I then realize that I will be the one that needs to log in WHM if my sites go down or if I want control of my sites. So I took it upon myself to learn some aspects of WHM especially transferring my sits and pointing what to where and security and DNS and so many other things. Yes that was the basics.

Well I have successfully transfered some of my websites, one being this blog. This blog was down for quite some time yesterday and even today. I apologize to all my readers and future readers. Also the forum was down as well, not that it is springing up in popularity but soon to be :). My BIG issues are my tracking links, my campaign landing pages, my affiliate programs for my digital products are one of the biggest things I am scared to move because of the length of time it took me to move my sites to my box. It took me about 1 hour to just get this blog up and running but most of my time was trying to figure out some specific errors with DB.

Well, if you remember Mark's Ramble about Liquid Web and its service I was really scared to get a box. I did a lot of research and then finally heard of from Carl Zetterlund. He recently just got a box as well for all his SEO stuff. I research more about WiredTree and hopes that I do not have the same experience Mark had. Now for about 1 week with WiredTree I am super happy - my tickets are literally answered within 5 minutes of creation and WOW the phone support is great it is fast and simple.

The ticketing system is easy and there customer support is just great. I am asking BRAND NOOB Questions and they are there to help. Well I mean I am paying over $300 a month for my box so atleast I should get some support for setting it up. My experience with them so far has been 'crazy nice'! Too bad they do not have an affiliate program!


Check out Wired Tree!

Ian Fernando
Involved in the internet space since 2002 and have been through the ups and downs of this online industry. I am a traveling digital nomad, media buyer, online strategist, and many more online titles.

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