Grab a Seperate Credit Card for Your Business

By Ian Fernando

PPC is almost like a rush to me. It keeps me on my toes and I am looking towards my stats at the end of the day. I don't obsess with my stats but I do anticipate to it when it is time to view them. After realizing my spending and earnings from last month, I decided to go a head and to apply for a separate credit card just for PPC. I have maxed out my personal CC and I can't run any Adwords campaign right now!! So I have to wait for my direct deposits and checks from several networks, arghh the pain of waiting.

This brought a valuable lesson to me, dedicate a credit card to your business. I can honestly say PPC marketing is part of my business model because it is earning me money. Having your own credit card strictly for your business can easily help you grow and being responsible for that dedicated credit card. The fact that I can not market on Adwords is really throwing my whole income source off.

I have to wait till the 15th to receive all my checks, deposit the checks and then wait for it to clear, wow! Some networks I have direct deposit and I am waiting for those to come in and then I can pay my credit card and then be on my grind to PPC marketing. I will have wasted about 2 weeks from today, because I can not pay for my credit card. Not being able to perform and earn money is really holding me back from learning and making more money. ...sighs...

This is a lesson learned to dedicate my business spending on a separate credit card and my personals' on a separate card. Also you really do not want to figure out what is business and what is personal when looking at your expenses, so this is definitely a lesson learned.

Chris Bibey says:

By keeping your personal money separate from your business, you can continue to live in the same manner as always. The only change will be funding your personal accounts from your business as opposed to a paycheck from an employer. Is this a big change? Sure. But if you want to start your own business, it’s one that you need to make.

This is a true because you can take a look at your business account and transfer some amounts to your personal to pay for bills etc. Just keeping the 2 apart from each other can help you be more organized. Also since I am treating affiliate marketing as a business I would need to act like it is a business and not just an everyday action. Affiliate marketing is a business!

With this in mind I will be opening a separate account as well with my bank for a business account. As Chris stated in the quote, having both separate and treating it differently can help me appreciate the business and industry more.

Now I will be off to my bank to talk about opening another account under my business (soon to get an LLC) and see if I can apply for a business credit card. So this is all going to be new to me and I will be reading quite a lot to just have a good understanding and what to expect as well. Any Recommendations?

Overall, this experience shows and tells me to better organize my business (making money online) vs my personal expenses. I am angered I can not continue my PPC marketing in the next couple days because of a maxed out credit card. So I will take a lost for the next couple weeks and I will definitely be on the grind and go heavier than ever, soon to be making 6 figures!!!!!

Make sure you separate your business and your personals on all aspects. If you are making money online treat it as a business and a business needs to be treated with specific aspects, which I have learned the hard way - but guess that is what my blog is a bout.

From my last post a lot of have told me about American Express. I have even got an email to try to use Advanta. I will be looking into new credit cards in the coming days. Thanks for everyone that has left a comment and recommendations.

Ian Fernando
Involved in the internet space since 2002 and have been through the ups and downs of this online industry. I am a traveling digital nomad, media buyer, online strategist, and many more online titles.

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