Great Earnings with Chitika eMini Malls

By Ian Fernando

My other blog about technology is doing great and I have monetized it strictly with Chitika. I do have Google Adsense within the post. But looking at some stats today I have more clicks everyday with Chitika than with Google Adsense. I think there are several reasons for this. But let's talk about what Chitika is.

Chitika provides bloggers the opportunity to harness their independent original content and opinions to monetize the traffic to their site. Offers retailers a new channel to merchandise their products, and gives consumers better access to a broader base of independent expert advice from the blogger community.

Founded in 2003, Chitika has built a network of more than 12,000 participating blogs and websites, and is adding new members daily. Chitika is the only blogger-driven merchandising/shopping network connecting online consumers directly with the products that are relevant to them. Their network includes more than 12,000 participating blogs that connect these online experts with retailers and consumers.

They provide several programs or banner like ads.

eMini Malls
Chitika's flagship product, eMiniMalls, brings product promotion to life on the web. Provide your users with relevant content and comparative shopping information without even leaving your site!

Below is an introduction to Chitika eMini Malls


Related Product Units
Designed to work exclusively for blogs and news/article based sites, the RPU brings related products right to the user reading a product-oriented story.

ShopLinc gives you the power to create your own personalized shopping experience for your audience. Your expert reviews will be featured alongside the products you choose to endorse!

Display popular products in an interactive tag cloud format where each product is linked to CPC search results featuring deals, promotions and offers from hundreds of name brand merchants.

A showcase of a specified produc. A virtual window.

These are the features that are available to me and you. I am only using the ShopCloud, eMini Malls, and RPU. These within my blog create a good sense of conversion. Two of the Chitika programs I joined are PPC, which means I get paid per click and the other is CPC, cost per click.I get more clicks on my Chitika than my Google Adsense. Why is this? Here is my assumption. First of all I blend all the banners and ads within my blog so it looks like the products being shown are part of my blog.

But I think the main reason is because it is a physical product. They see a good discount on an item they will click on it. They see a great digital camera; they will click on it and find out more about. Since my new blog is about technology, mostly physical items. It makes perfect sense that I have physical products on my site as ads.

The only downside is that Chitika does not have digital products to show. So showing it on my blog is pointless because you are looking for books, informative downloads, etc. Chitika is great for e commerce, review websites, non digital product blogs, etc.

I have had a great response to my Chitika programs within 1 week than Adsense in 2 months! The reason for this is the eMiniMalls or any of the PPC programs pay much more per click than AdSense! My reason about this is because if someone clicks and purchase they get a good commision and that part of the commission becomes part of your PPC. It just makes senses to me.

Here is an Example of a Chitika eMini Mall:

I will look forward to my first Chitika check real soon!

Are you using Chitika within your blog? How was your experience?

Ian Fernando
Involved in the internet space since 2002 and have been through the ups and downs of this online industry. I am a traveling digital nomad, media buyer, online strategist, and many more online titles.

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