Green Tea + Fat Chick = Ian's Fitted Thrown

By Ian Fernando

First day in Boston and already Ian is getting in trouble, must be my presence. I finally arrived in Boston after a 5 hour drive. I have twittered most of my driving and provided pictures via my twitter account. Finally in Boston it took me 2 hours to try to find this hotel. The roads were all intertwined and all one ways. I am use to one ways since they are in New York and Philly but in Boston it is stranger. You have like 6 cross ways from 1 lane and you do not know if it is a one way or not, I basically toured Boston in 2 hours. I finally got to the hotel and ate some food. I did not eat since 1pm.

I finally met up with Neil Turner and his roommate Sam. It was great to meet up with Neil as he has done some work for me in the past. Well I got situated in the room and we all decided to head out into the streets of Boston. We basically toured the streets and see what it was like. Well, we simply crossed a couple of the streets and there are bars right next to each other and on every streets.

We went to one bar and it was blah. Below is a picture I took with my iPhone, not sure if you will be able to see it well since it is dark outside.

Well there isn't much and this was about 12ish. It seemed everything dies out at a certain time. Well at this time I decided to just start talking to all these girls that are walking around asking what is going on for the night. Well interesting enough we were all walking back to the hotel and these dudes in a car was ballin Sam's pink shirt and then this big girl starts to back talk the dude in the car. They ran off and some how we started a conversation with her and her 2 other friends.

So we all conversate for a while and then she starts talking about how she hates Jersey and no one disrespects Jersey so we just started walking away, well I did. Neil interestingly enough asks her if she has ever bought Green Tea from facebook before. I think she mentioned Facebook for some reason.

I laughed and Sam laughed - I mean because it is for weight lost. She started to get all hype on what Green Tea is and then Sam tells her to go to my website. I simply 'jokingly' grab her phone and just walked away with it. She then chases me and I was like WTF is she running for. She then want to start a fight with me and takes my fitted hat and chucks it in some bushes. I was a little mad since the fitted is a rare NJ fitted hat.

She starts talking trash and I then just started buggin at her, telling her to calm down and to simply just shut up. her friends are telling me to stop and they are apologizing for her stupidity because of her drinking. I simply walked away just because I did not want no part of it and I was trying to have fun tonight.

We all ended going back to the hotel and just talking about what to expect from the summit. So far Boston is hmmmmmm....and I guess they just not liking Ian Fernando. Also just before this all happened rich old people was just staring me down while I was eating. I do not know hope tomorrow will get better and I know I will enjoy Affiliate Summit, just hope the night life will be a little better.

Ian Fernando
Involved in the internet space since 2002 and have been through the ups and downs of this online industry. I am a traveling digital nomad, media buyer, online strategist, and many more online titles.

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