Growing an eMail List via TikTok while Still Promoting Affiliate Offers

By Ian Fernando

TikTok has been a fun traffic source to get to know and understand. Now TikTok can be very tricky because keeping your creative ads alive is tiresome, especially for TikTok. When I first started on TikTok, I would go through the creative burn, meaning my ads start to lose impressions over time and then doe out at 3-4 day range.

This was getting annoying until I started testing every aspect of TikTok features from images, to interest, to hashtags, to the audience, to segmenting groups etc. I went through a full study of how each section of the ad platform to determine what is important and what is very important.

I have found one part of the platform that is beneficial for an affiliate especially for growing a list. First, I always usually start with a conversion-optimized campaign. It is pretty straight to the point the problem I found is there is just 1 point of data, the conversion. TikTok needs more information and I found out the TikTok algorithm is pretty damn powerful.

I always talk about growing a list when it comes to affiliate marketing, it is an asset to have as an affiliate especially with traffic being so expensive nowadays. Having a list allows a balance to your ad spending.

So How do I Grow a list with TikTok

Well, the easiest is to set up a Lead Generation campaign within TikTok. This creates an instant page within their platform and you get to collect a set of prefilled information from the user. This is super easy since the user just needs to just click submit once. Once the user hits submit, TikTok holds that information for you to collect later. Then there is a thank you page.

This thank you page I think is critical for you to get users to get to the offer. The thank-you page shows after the submission of the instant form. So this copy should flow after their form submission. This is where copy plays a role, after an action, you want them to continue to another action. So it is important to write copy that continues to pursue more action after.

Integrating with an ESP after Lead Submission

Now that you have the lead, this is where it becomes important to start nurturing the lead. You can utilize an ESP such as SendinBlue which I currently use. The reason why I use SendinBlue is that they have an integrated SMS, which is another way to send and remind users to fill out your offer.

>> Check out other ESPs that I have used in the past.

... but you need to get those TikTok leads to your ESP. The easiest way is to utilize Zapier. Zapier is an amazing platform that integrates with pretty much every app on the internet with an API.

It makes it very easy to move leads from TikTok to your ESP, specifically for me, SendinBlue.

As you can see from the snapshot, I am able to just use Zapier to sync with TikTok, grab the leads, and push it to SendinBlue. You will need to customize your ESP to pull the information you want to collect, the default right now is just emails. You will have to create attributes in SendinBlue to make sure you are pulling the information you want.

So there is an extra step with SendinBlue, but again they have an integrated SMS system which is what I am looking for. The reason is that it is just another way to push information to the leads captured.

Creating Your Automation in SendinBlue

This is a snapshot of my automation from when a lead enters my TikTok Instant form. There are 5 emails and 2 SMS integration that is happening here. The idea is to get users to convert within the day and if not over the next several days. I try to re-emphasize the original offer, the only problem here is that users that already converted still get the same email.

There is no way around that as I can not tag users on conversions since I would need to pass the ID from the click, I think that just becomes a bit more complicated.

It is important to emphasize the offer, so the flow continues for the user. This is the start, SendinBlue does have a limited text for your SMS but it is enough to send a quick message to the user. So you need to specify your choice of words for the offer.

At this point that is it, you just need to write an email every day to let the automation continue and email them similar offers. Now that you have your own leads, you can email them any offer and generate revenue. Most of the time it is profit minus the cost of the ESP.

You can utilize an affiliate network such as A4D and pick a lot of their popular lead generation offers.

Email is a new skill to learn, it isn't just sending out an email. You will need to understand your stats, is it inboxing, why is it reaching in spam, what type of offers, tagging users, pixeling users, etc. eMailing is just a new way to generate revenue but also a skill that is critical to your marketing arsenal.

I think it is critical, I always say to collect leads. This is the first time I am using forms from the traffic platform, usually, I send users to a landing page to collect their information, as this helps filter users. Also, user emails on the platform might be temporary emails and not even real, so there might be an issue with the type of emails you are collecting from the instant form vs an actual landing age.

Just because you have data doesn't mean it is all good, instant submission might not be very good vs a landing page, where users type in their information than a prefilled form.

This is why it is important to understand the data you are receiving and how they interact with your SMS and emailed offers.

I wrote a quick TikTok scale strategy in the STM Forum, read more if you want to conquer TikTok!

Ian Fernando
Involved in the internet space since 2002 and have been through the ups and downs of this online industry. I am a traveling digital nomad, media buyer, online strategist, and many more online titles.

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