Guest Posting: A Blog's Split Personality?

By Ian Fernando

With the next couple days I have some time stamp posted ready to be posted with some guest posts as well. Now I have had guest post on this blog before and it has benefited the blogger and my blog. The next couple days I will be in Affiliate Summit West 2008 and staying at the Rio hotel. So I will not have time to post anything on this blog.

You will notice some new blogs with a small intro about the guest blogger and then their post. I have talked to these bloggers on messenger or email and I highly recommend visiting their blogs. I have done this specifically because I do not want to post a "Guest Bloggers Wanted" post. I want to make sure my post are good and does not contradict my own opinions and past posts.

But, this comes to the questions which other bloggers raise - personality and style. Some bloggers out there hate having to read guest posts. They think it drives away from the true blog author's style. In reality it does because obviously the writing style is different and attitude towards the post is offset by the guest poster. But, does this really take a way from the content of the main blog itself?

A blog about gardening is all about gardening. When a guest poster comes a long I doubt a blogger will write about cutting the grass. The author of the blog will probably disprove the post. Though it does have some similarities but it is not about gardening. So a guest post may not take away from the main concept of the blog but personality and attitude maybe.

A guest poster may have a bit more fierce writing or a slow calm writing. These attributes can take a way from the blog it self, but will it sustain your readers? Bloggers argue - your readers represent the blog author in a way and this is true vice versa as well. You being an author of your blog attract specific readers that like your style of writing and your attitude on your blog. If your blog is all about romance, you will attract lovers and single readers. If your blog is strictly on hard rock and roll you will attract rockers. I doubt these readers may conflict with the other blogs.

Your blog attracts your specific readers because of your style. You may be doing video blogging, attracting people who do not want to read blog posts. Once a guest blogger appears and doesn't do a video, it may be a quite blog for a while.

So guest blogging may take away from your current readers but you will gain new readers as well. Having a blog with guest posts will attract new readers because of just the different style. If your readers are dedicated readers they will not mind you being gone for quite a while, as long as you come back and write with your own style and create that video.

Your readers are your readers and they are a specific group of readers that are very similar to you in a way. But you should not I think close the window on guest posting because it benefits both parties in multiple ways. For example, a lot of readers complain is a poor site with poor information. But a lot still come and visit the blog because merely of new information from guest posters. Those guest posters get to experience the Chow effect and Chow receive new readers or interaction among his blog.

Though there is a different style of writing - it does not take a way from the main concept of your niche or your blog. Remember you as an author get to decide what is a good guest post vs what is a poor guest post. If you put a crappy guest post on your blog then that was your call and not the guest poster, they simply provided content. You want to make sure you pick good posts for your blog, it is your blog so care for it. Just because a post is out of your comfort personality zone does not mean you shouldn't put it up on your blog. Your niche should aversely cover what you are talking about whether it is coming from different authors. (I personally think)

Ian Fernando
Involved in the internet space since 2002 and have been through the ups and downs of this online industry. I am a traveling digital nomad, media buyer, online strategist, and many more online titles.

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