Happy Easter – Find the Eggs!

I want to take this and say happy easter to all. If you do not already know Caroline Middlebrook is having an Easter egg hunt right on her blog. Instead of going through grasses and bushes you are going through texts and images to find the eggs. So if you are bored go ahead and start finding the eggs because she will be giving out one of her great ebooks to you for free, once it is released.

As you know she has created a great tutorial on WordPress and goes into great details on so many aspects of wordpress. Great book.

Today, I will be with family and will continue with my posts tomorrow. I have several posts ready for this week on some internet marketing stuff and affiliate marketing. I also have an interview podcast setup this week on marketing outside of the ‘internet marketing’ niche. So stay tuned

Happy Easter!

photo credit: Sami Taipale


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