Has My Writing Skills Improved?

I will admit that I am not very well at English – especially writing. I started this blog 5 months ago and it has grown tremendously. Is it because of my content? My consistency? My trust I made with readers? I really do not know. But looking back I know I have improved with my writing.

I was the kind of kid/student when it came to reading and writing I was “ARGH, BAH!” I never wanted to read in Reading class or English class. My speech was very poor (you will see this once I create a promo video for this blog). I also did not want to read just the mere fact I was not interested in the topic.

Growing up my dad always says to read, read more, read more than that. I argued, how can I read something that does not interest me? Same thing when I went to college, it bored me because I had to read things that never appealed to me. I only did well with my computer classes and science.

Anyways, I just did not like to read and write. Well things have changed ever since I started internet marketing and my entrepreneurship! I read all the time and I obviously write all the time. Has my train of thought changed, I can say yes. Have my writing skills increased, I can say yes. Writing everyday and even 2-3 times a day improves my skills as a writer and author of my blog.

I seem to think and see the grammatical errors when typing and thinking freely. Do I catch all the errors? Probably not, if I showed my blog to a copywriter or an English teacher they may faint. Honestly. I do not really know I am just saying.

I know when I read my post it sounds fine to me, I have had no complaints on my English and how I am presenting my content to the readers. Since they understand what I am writing they can relate to what I am saying.

In English class they teach you to read what you wrote several times. Does it make sense? Is all your punctuations in its proper place? Do not read out loud! I never understood that because I want to hear how it sounds, did I have to pause and if I did, do I have a proper punctuation in place? But in any case did my article/post sound proper?

Everyday I write I try to make my post sound professional, I am trying to establish a specific brand on the internet. So I write everyday and I write all the time, I write my own ebooks, my own reviews, I participate in forums. I just write all the time. Again, can I say it has improved my writing?

I usually read CopyBlogger for writing skill help. They have a great video on the 10 steps to Better Writing.


It is a very basic video that shows you how to become a better writer. This video shows me that writing everyday is a great tutorial in helping me become a better writer. I also just do not just write short excerpts; they are pretty long but not as long as Steve Pavlina. But I think I write good articles and post on my blogs. I know they are at least 2 pages when I import on Microsoft Word. I do not like the blogs that post two 5 sentences paragraphs. It provides information that is straight to the point but nothing else. I at least try to expand my discussion and topic.

One more thing about English class, they teach you to write outlines on what you are going to write, brainstorm. I do not do this, I write what is interesting to me at the moment and I write it. I also usually type what I think. Meaning I am writing what is flowing through my mind. For example this post is written specifically at this specific moment because a topic hit my mind that I would like to write about and I am freely flowing on what I want to type. I did not brain storm I just types what came to mind.

Is that safe writing? Probably not, but I tend to look at my grammar and correct it after. But for me I know I will continue to write everyday even 2 times to continue my writing skills and I didn’t even take writing classes in college. By the way watch the video numerous times!

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