Hell's Kitchen Describes Blogging

By Ian Fernando

Last night was the premiere of Hell's Kitchen, great show! Gordon Ramsey has opened up a new restaurant in LA called London LA. He has London NY in obviously New York. This was the premiere and let me tell you it was a great first episode. But there were a couple things that stuck out to me which describes what I am currently doing, blogging. Nearing the end of the show there were some statements made that relates to any part of life and I will be relating it to blogging.

Dedication and Passion are the 2 attributes which was seen on the show and stated. For examples it was the guys vs the girls and the girls gave it their all - showing they want to be the next executive chef of London LA. They stood up all night remembering the menu while the guys slept on it.

Obviously, the men were not as hungry as the women were - they didn't know a single item on the menu. This can tie into passion since dedication is wants your wants. If you are not passionate about something then you will not dedicate yourself to the goal. If you remember Israel spoke about passion via podcast. Passion gives you the motivation you need to accomplish what you want.

Dedication plus Passion gives you the 'push' to get your act together and do what is needed to win! Everyone loves to win and no one wants to be a loser. The girls on Hell's Kitchen showed the desire and passion - they all loved cooking. Because of their passion and dedication they beat the men - but no one was able to serve entrees.

The fact the men did not have the dedication to help each other or passion to even do the cooking they enjoy was not able to cope with the women. Though there was a lot of mis communication among teams this shows they were not dedicated to themselves to try to manage each other and as a person to help.

Why being Passionate about what you do is important:

  • You will not see your objective as work more as an enjoyment or play
  • You look forward to do what is needed to complete your goal
  • You do not complain about the objectives at hand
  • You easily maneuver to tasks and objectives
  • You enjoyably research task and objectives that comes your way

Why being Dedicate about what you do is important:

  • You put all your energy to complete a task
  • You push yourself more to have it completed
  • You do not let other distraction remove you from your goals
  • You research heavily to conquer your goals and objectives

Passion and Dedication combine can produce a person which has the best attribute to accomplishing their goals. You can not have one and be successful because dedication needs passion. Just having dedication will 'force' you to like what you are doing, like a job. Passion alone can not be by itself because you will not be able to accomplish goals. Being 'passionate' about something and is different from being 'passionate.' Having both can turn a person into a new person and help accomplish their objectives faster than a person that does not have any of these.

Ian Fernando
Involved in the internet space since 2002 and have been through the ups and downs of this online industry. I am a traveling digital nomad, media buyer, online strategist, and many more online titles.

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