Helpful Firefox Blog Extensions

Looking and searching the internet for more blogging tools and helpful plugins I found Firefox extensions which can help me blog more effectively. provided a list of firefox extensions which can help you blog effectively.

Browsing through the list there are some good extensions that I already use and others I do not see the need for. LifeHack breaks each section down into 3 categories: Collecting, Writing, and Images. There is a total of 17 plugins which LifeHack shares, with a small breakdown of what the firefox extension does.

Just like wordpress, firefox has plugins which can help and monetize your performance. LifeHacks provides a list of tools which can help you create and monetize your performance when writing, collecting, and using images for your blog.

I currently use split browser and I will be looking into using the coComment extension as well.

As I know personally, blogging can be a little too much. But why work harder where there are tools and plugins that help you work smarter. FireFox provides so many users with great extensions to help them not only surfing but also help bloggers alike.

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