Hesitant to Publish This, Not Attending Affiliate World: Barcelona

By Ian Fernando

As the time approaches to head to Barcelona, something has came up that I will not be able to attend my beloved STM family and friends. I was actually looking forward to attending this event as I love to network and meetup with everyone. Also it has been a long time since I been to an event big as Affiliate World. I especially like Barcelona actually, besides the pickpocketing stuff.

Affiliate World and other marketing conferences are awesome to attend because of the fact I can put messages to faces. This allows to me to strengthen relationships and just friendships because messages over skype can be viewed many ways.

Now, I recently became a single dad. This was unexpected and created a lot of confusion in my life prior to my daughter's birth. She is currently now 8 months old at the time of this posting and is healthy. I am happy.

But... It has taken a lot of my time to learn this parenting role. Even more so always forever overthinking about her future. Should she learn Chinese? What kind of school should she attend? What gluten free foods are available? Be strict or not?

Being a parent has taken a tole on myself mentally and the time I have on my business. Balancing has been a bit hard, but will soon be resolved as I will be getting a helper. This is just a learning phase for me and I hope I can surpass this.

It has become very draining. I worked hard to where I am at today. Now my time has been taking away but it is something I am coping with. I know I can push through this, but damn - I do not think I was meant to be a parent - I love my life. Selfish.

I don't mind being a uncle because I can return my nieces and nephews back after spoiling them. So much expenses with a kid, after 1 pair of new clothes, they are already out grown. How does a kid grow from just protein milk and baby food mush!!

In the end I am actually happy that I get to spend my time with my daughter, I actually rather play with her than work. Which is a bad excuse to not work, then again I do not know. Balance is what I am trying to aim for and hopefully soon.

I always wonder how John Chow and Shoe Money did it. I have seen their kids grow through the internet. They seem to always have it together.

I have been engrained in my work, as it is the only thing I have that I feel it has brought me successful happiness. I have rewarded myself through hard work and to engulf time later. Now, I am just trying to adjust to a lifestyle that I didn't want. All I can do now is take things day by day.

This is why I will not be attending  Affiliate World as I have somethings to take care of with my daughter, I thought I had it planned out. Finding a helper is actually hard work, it is just like hiring for your company but watching over your kid. I am so much more stricter on the hiring process, I thought I was already strict on my hiring process.

Everyone enjoy Affiliate World, Wish I could be there. I'll be setting up my daughter with her first affiliate campaign soon! "5 Simple Steps to Get Your Dad to Make Keto Baby Food Today!"

Ian Fernando
Involved in the internet space since 2002 and have been through the ups and downs of this online industry. I am a traveling digital nomad, media buyer, online strategist, and many more online titles.

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