Holidays are Coming Up - What Are YOU Doing?

By Ian Fernando

So we are in October right now and I have started to clean up some of my niche sites. I also started a new one or actually took a landing page domain and turned it into a site. Looking and searching for some offers and a lot of networks do not have this setup. Some networks have some things but very low payouts. This time of year it is not all about CPA offers it is all about sales. More so toward the end of the year, there are probably more sales generated than CPA stuff.

I took a quick look at AFFSpy to see what is out there, I did a search for Halloween - kept it real general. To my surprise there was not that much offers out there, but then again I really didn't expect to be a lot of offers out there.

Recently Zac Johnson posted what some networks were providing and how it lacked Halloween offers.

After looking through all of the affiliate networks for “Halloween” related offers, I’m surprised to say that most of them seem to be off of their game. For the networks that do have Halloween offers available, they are only available for one set method for advertising, whether that be “email only” or strictly banners.

So I went into ShareASale and I found better programs and stuff users will actually click on and want to buy. These are the type of offers that will do good in the upcoming months (IMO). Share a Sale has this nice little section where it lets you know the upcoming holiday, event, or special occasion and have a category dedicated to it. It is very helpful to just click on the category and see what offers are available. The only problem I have is getting approved because the advertisers look at my site and not how I promote. So when they see my site within the profile, I typically get denied until I call them up and tell them how I am going to promote.

I have done fairly well last year and look to repeat and do a far better than last. last year, I opened up 5 eBay stores and did great, I even tend to share some tricks on Shoemoney's blog about gathering traffic with Build a Niche Stores. I think they will do far better than offers this time of year, just have to customize them and add content and promote.

Last night, I started a new Build a Niche Store site for the Holidays in the coming months and will also be tweaking my other sites. I think affiliate networks similar to Share a Sale,, LinkShare, and Amazon Associates will probably do far better than offers. I will be concentrating on my mini sites and start some promotion for some of the niche sites I have. I will be using mostly PepperJam Network on this, since they have a great interface and syncs well with the ebay platform. I used eBay Partner Network for the BANS sites but been having issues, so PJN will work better for me.

This coming weekend, tomorrow, I will be updating my side bars of my site, adding new content, refreshing the layout, fixing the html stuff, and all that good stuff among my niche sites. I will also have to look at some of the offers and start some promotion and just send traffic to sites. I haven't even logged into PJN for a while. So this will be interesting to go a head and just fix it and make it look fresh.

What are you doing for the upcoming holidays?

Ian Fernando
Involved in the internet space since 2002 and have been through the ups and downs of this online industry. I am a traveling digital nomad, media buyer, online strategist, and many more online titles.

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