Social Content King, DJ Khaled is Major Keys to Your Marketing

By Ian Fernando

If you haven't been on the internet and do not know who Dj Khaled is then, I'm not sure if you should be reading this....

Anyways, Dj Khaled makes anthems, his music touches people and that is his goal to be able to touch you as if he was right there. He is doing that right now on SnapChat. He has been pushing on SnapChat hard and his 24 hour content is basically having everyone repeat what he says. There are people who are inspired, motivated, and thankful for his daily snaps.

The people appreciate it. So how does a Dj in the Music industry touches everyone only on SnapChat? He has content and not just content - authentic content.

This is spoken across the marketing net multiple times on how content is king. LION!!! Dj Khaled is doing this at a level that is pure himself. I remember back in the day, I did this type of marketing to help grow my blog. I video posted all the time, I wrote on this blog all the time, I interacted on Twitter and my Facebook profile all the time - I was putting myself out there to grow my brand.

SnapChat is what allows a lot of people to post content and having it disappear in 24 hours. The fact that Dj Khaled is doing this everyday from wake up to saying its keys to having a lot of pillows is whats keeping him relevant to everyone. He speaks to the people in the most simplest of ways. Simple words, simple inspiration and the audience loves it.

Brand Equity is what Dj Khaled is creating. He is telling a story of himself to be relatable to everyone. He is putting himself out there in his brands, from clothing to records to new deals. He wants to share his entrepreneur vibe with everyone and help everyone finish their goals.

2016 is coming up and having Khaled coming up and inspiring everyone is amazing. Branding himself as him is one of the major keys he is doing. Just like Gary Vaynerchuck says all the time, be involved with your company, put yourself out there and be authentic.

Branding yourself with your brand puts you in relation and people relate to that. CEOs that do Youtube have a personal connection with the users who may be a potential of buying your product. With Khaled he is touching outside the music community and getting and audience that wants to buy his products.

Does your marketing include YOU, an authentic YOU in your marketing? I know I have put myself out there multiple times, from braids in my hair to calling out bad marketers on this blog.

You do not see Dj Khaled in a suit, you see him. Are you able to put yourself out there for the sake of your product, your brand, your company? It maybe hard to put yourself out there maybe because you are shy, but its work and being involved is important in this day and age. You want to be authentic and in 2016 the audience wants authenticity.

One question I have for Dj Khaled is:

"How do you manage the time with all the deals and companies you have?"

Enjoy the video!

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Ian Fernando
Involved in the internet space since 2002 and have been through the ups and downs of this online industry. I am a traveling digital nomad, media buyer, online strategist, and many more online titles.

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