How Many Affiliate Networks Are you In?

By Ian Fernando

So I just got back into PPC affiliate marketing and I am part of several networks already: ShareASale,, Linkshare, PepperJam Network, AzoogleAds, NeverBlueAds, etc. I recently just joined 4 more networks. Also I have been getting free gifts in the mail - like t shirts! It is amazing the amount of exposure you can get from affiliate summit and multiple conventions.

So today's post is about how many networks should you be joining. I have talked to some of my online friends and some are active in fewer than 5 networks but joined a total of 10 networks. Other are active in 2 networks but joined about 15 networks. So when is the time to tell other networks "NO?"

I have been receiving emails and calls from other networks - I personally do not mind talking to people but what does each network separates themselves from the rest? All the answers are the same:

  1. We have higher payouts
  2. We have more offers you will not see
  3. We are friendly and supportive
  4. We have a better system

The funny part is they are all a like - I was looking at a network and their offers and found some offers are going through another affiliate network! WOW! I knew of this prior but I mean some of the networks are going through another network which is maybe going to another network. A lot of the users are friendly and they are great to talk to, I personally found one to be really annoying and a pain. It was too much that I ignored his IMs and calls - I will contact him if need be.

So where does the line draw when trying to join affiliate networks, after so many it becomes cumbersome and hard to manage. I find myself looking and exporting reports from so many networks that I am not that organize with all my data. Also I tend to forget what offer I have with whom and I will login into a network and then find no stats, later remembering it is with another network.

Where do you draw the line and say no more networks to join? Should you do that and keep an open mind - if you do not use them, delete your account? After going to so many conventions should you even bother talking to all these networks? What is really the big deal in joining these networks and not making any money or doing anything with them later on?

Here is a quick video of what i just said:


What are your thoughts? How many networks are you part of? Are you always communicating with that network? How many specific networks are you heavily active in?

Ian Fernando
Involved in the internet space since 2002 and have been through the ups and downs of this online industry. I am a traveling digital nomad, media buyer, online strategist, and many more online titles.

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