How to Amazingly Take Advantage of Cyber Monday with PPV Traffic

By Ian Fernando

This time of year many online users are searching the internet to find the best deals and best discounts. Yesterday was 'Cyber Monday' one of the biggest and busiest time on the internet right after Black Friday. Since many users work, they go to their jobs on Monday and start surfing the internet to find special deals.

Well, this is such a great source of traffic that you can easily take and leverage this to your opportunity. Everyone is in a mood to save and finding savings is the main goals when it comes to shopping online. They personally know that there is a lot of savings to be made online. So they scour the internet to find it.

I bet when you shop online, you search Google for a coupon. So you can see a coupon does have power in itself already.

So why not us a coupon cut out lander?


Coupon cut out lander? That is a horrible landing page idea... not if it is PPV traffic. PPV Traffic is basically pop over and pop under traffic. It gives you the opportunity to pop up your ad over a specific site. The only problem is you are limited to space. But that does not matter since we won't be using the full pop up space a ppv traffic network will offer.

Here is a quick google image search for coupon cut outs.

Now why use coupon cut out landers? Well because it already stimulates the eyes stating to the user they are going to save. So it is already eye catching. Now will users get annoyed because it is a popup? At this time of year, from my experience last year, that you get a higher CTR from lander to offer. So this tells me that the pop ups are more acceptable than usual.

Again, users are looking to save online, anywhere. If they see or have a potential to save on something they will act on it. Since coupons are very popular offline, it is also very popular online. Have you ever search 'sony vaio pcx-657 model j coupon' in Google? I bet you did something similar.

Everyone is looking for coupons. Especially this time of year and PPV traffic gives you the ability to take advantage of these users who are all about saving online.

Here are some Coupon Cut Out Tactics

    • Make it Generic - the more generic it is the better. I personally try to make it match a 'set' of sites. So if I am targeting electronic sites I have a group of selected sites that I make the coupon blend into. Imagine popping up a coupon over BestBuy with a yellow tag button (not saying BestBuy). It will most likely get clicked over because of the resemblance to BestBuy


    • Target Websites - When I play with PPV traffic I usually always do site targeting. Obviously you want to do your research on what sites have teh most volume, the most visited, the higher conversion, etc. I rarely do keyword targeting. But during this time of year I think site targeting is best.


    • Don't use the full size - I never use the full size of the provided pop up space, when using coupon cut out landers. With Media Traffic you are given a 750 * 550 space to work with. I rarely use this space. Even though you want to cover the amount of space the user see, I personally think it was best to adjust the lander page to a more user friendly pop up. Making it seem that the pop up is from the website. If you cover the actual users interface for browsing it will most likely get ignored, but making it seem more as if it is a special offer of the website makes it more intriguing.


  • Women are Sexy - This time of year electronics are the most bought as well as clothing. So most likely men are shopping. Women images help in CTR's because they play a 'tease' in the online world. There are a lot of case studies on these things and yes women are beautiful and beneficial to your affiliate marketing strategy.

These are just some easy adjustments you can do to your PPV traffic lander. My lander is usually just an image of a coupon cut out saying to save here, find more discounts here (obviously with more meaning). Each of these image landers should have a strong call to action as well. It should say click here. Tell the user what to do.

The benefits already exists with the coupon cut out, everyone is use to seeing a dotted line and it stimulates savings right away, not really sure why. But hey it works.

Ian Fernando
Involved in the internet space since 2002 and have been through the ups and downs of this online industry. I am a traveling digital nomad, media buyer, online strategist, and many more online titles.

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