How to Fit a Giraffe into a Refrigerator...

By Ian Fernando

That is the question? Do you know the answer? I bet you don't and it is the most simple answer there is. The next question I will ask you is how to fit an elephant into a refrigerator? You may think this is a weird question but the answer is really simple. So simple it just boggles my mind. The answer that was given made sense and I it was my first answer but I thought to myself it might have been a wrong answer.

Well I have been listening to an audio book by Robert Shemin called "How Come that Idiot's Rich and I'm Not." It is a very interesting audio book and the first CD just got my attention right away. It almost remind me of the secret audio and dvd set but Robert goes into a different train of thinking. It reminds me of how I think and how I approach life. The audio or the first audio that I have listened to is about changing your mind set. It is our mind set that creates this typical world we are use to. So I ask:

How do you fit a giraffe into a refrigerator?

Well it is pretty simple, did you have answer? If not I want you to think about this for a little bit. If you have given up the answer is: Open the refrigerator and put the giraffe in. That is it! You are thinking and analyzing that this can not be but it is. I bet you are asking yourself what about the size of the refrigerator and the height of the giraffe. That is what I was thinking to myself when Robert gave the answer, but I thought of that answer but I started analyzing the concepts.

We start to think about the height and small size of the refrigerator compared to tall giraffe. We think we may have to fold the giraffe a couple times or even cut it up a couple times to just fit in this perfect rectangular shape fridge. But the simple concept is to simply just open the fridge doors and put the giraffe in. It amazed me that it was that simple and I somewhat answered correctly until I started to think about reality. I started to think the rows of the refrigerator, the drawers, the shelf space, etc. In my mind I started to rearrange what may be in the fridge already and how to organize the shelf space with a giraffe. I started to think how can I fold the giraffe or what pieces should go where.

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This concept is telling us why are we thinking about the big reality when the concept is still the same. Your just putting something in a fridge no matter what size it is. A fridge holds food - that is the concept. But we start to restrict our thinking because of the size of an everyday refrigerator and an animal that is way to big. Our mind puts these together and says 'can't do it' or 'does not make sense'. This is true our mind takes these concepts and put and compares it to what we already know, but concept wise we do not think about the basics.

I personally think like this but not always because I got tricked by this question and it was the first CD. I started to realize to stop analyzing too many things and think about what the most direct answer would be. In this case or to this question: open a fridge put the giraffe in and close the fridge, simple. Sometime we have to pause and think what is the most direct answer to our goal/s.

We as human beings tend to over critique things because we are in an environment where everyone is not like you or I. We are in a world where everything is very repetitive, a small refrigerator vs a tall giraffe - add them together just does not make sense. So reality holds us back from what we want to think because of its everyday nature. If we can break out of this repetition we can think and provide direct answers to our goals.

Just listening to the first audio CD reminded me to start thinking the way I was and give the direct answer to a problem. From what I have been listening to I recommend grabbing Robert Shemin's audio book called "How Come that Idiot's Rich and I'm Not." I will continue to talk about what I have been listening to especially if it provides great self improvement. I finally know how to fit a giraffe in a refrigerator. So simple!

Ian Fernando
Involved in the internet space since 2002 and have been through the ups and downs of this online industry. I am a traveling digital nomad, media buyer, online strategist, and many more online titles.

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