How To Immediately Lose $100 in 1 Minute

By Ian Fernando

So I started out with a new ad network earlier today knowing that I think the traffic source would be there and knowing that it would make sense to run a specific offer on there. So I tested 3 offers, only the first one which was approved got the surge of traffic. Within literally a minute, I have already spent $100! I had to just pause my campaigns because I needed to know how fast those clicks came in and how, where, when, why - all the necessary affiliate questions.

While I was watching my prosper202 spy window just seeing the surge of traffic, I was pretty sure it was the new ad network I was working with. My whole spy view on Prosper202 was just filled with the same campaign, what a surge of traffic literally within minutes or might be seconds I launched the ad on the network.

Below is a screen shot from the network, which shows the impressions and my CTR - which cost me 100$ pretty fast, literally in seconds after I launched and it got approved. I saw the pop up notification from my Thunderbird saying it was approved, then a minute later another email notification saying I need to fund my account! I was like DAAAAAMMMMNNNN.


So I had to look at my other stats that related to this traffic, luckily prosper202 has day parting. You can see it was withing 2 hours but I think I might have been caught at the 00:58 and 00:02 mark of the hour. I remember starting the campaign and waiting for it to get approved. Well below is the quick surge of traffic and the death of it.


Some issues remains questionable, like my clicks didn't match up with the network I was advertising on. I have to call them up on this situation, what is considered a click on their end vs impressions.

So lesson learned here. When starting with a new ad network, make sure you know their platform very well. Prior to starting with this new ad network, I did call them to ask questions. I got the basis and the information I needed to hear. I signed up ; got approved, started a campaign and immediately lost. Definitely a lesson learned.

The lesson learned here is pretty simple, good thing I started small first, I would have been piss at myself if I funded it with a larger amount. But get a better understanding of the ad marketplace or network. This way you can see and have a better understanding of how your ads are counted as impressions, who they are targeting, what is considered a click, etc.

When starting with an ad network or advertising marketplace make sure you...

  1. Call them up and talk to a person that is knowledgeable of their system
  2. Ask about their traffic
  3. Ask about how clicks are considered and same with impressions
  4. Ask how the network displays your advertisements
  5. Start small with an unfamiliar network
  6. Ask what is the the best way to start on their network

There are other things, make sure you ask so you understand how their system works. Since this is a new platform and a new venue for the advertising world - it was a good learning experience with the network - but I will be more careful now when advertising on a new network.

Finding new traffic sources is always fun! 🙂

>> task to do >> call ad network to get a better understanding of how they display ads

Ian Fernando
Involved in the internet space since 2002 and have been through the ups and downs of this online industry. I am a traveling digital nomad, media buyer, online strategist, and many more online titles.

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