How to Make Money with Twitter and Datafeeds

By Ian Fernando

As we all know twitter is a great way to gain friends, find resources, networking etc. But there is also a huge market for the marketing industry. There has been several ways for twitter users to make money. Some of the ideas are retarded and more are really pointless, IMO. Joel Comm will soon be releasing a book about twitter in February called Twitter Power. It will basically talk about how to dominate your market one tweet at a time. Why not dominate it now! There are ways to make money with twitter without all the mess and it is pretty simple.

Twitter is searchable and very popular for users to do a lot of shopping searches and finding trends. I have wrote multiple posts about Twitter and how to use it properly. Though this method may seem spammy, it does get a ton of clicks and big conversions. It is a very simple concept and very easy to use, just a pain to maintain.

Think about this you are able to feed your blog to twitter right? Why can't you do this with datafeeds? Well you can and it gets clicks. Twitter is one of my biggest source of traffic to this blog, just because I tweet my blog posts to the twitter network. Now we can literally do this for affiliate marketing!

I stopped doing this because of the huge maintenance that I had to do, almost hired someone from DP to just maintain it for me. The reason why I am writing about it.

Note: I use twitter a lot and I do not like spam on twitter. I personally love twitter as it has provided me a lot of good resources and friends. I personally do not want you to spam the hell out of twitter with what I am about to show you.

So the basis of this is using the powerful website called TwitterFeed is a site that feeds your blog's RSS to the twitter network. All it does is read the XML and parse it and if there is an update, send it to twitter. Simple. Now let's say you have a datafeed from or LinkShare? Why not feed it to Twitterfeed and when the RSS feed is updated - TwitterFeed sends it to Twitter! Now just watch the traffic flow in. That is the basics, but there are other works in it because you do not want to look spammy and you want to look searchable. Below is a screen shot of what my twitterfeed looks like:

As you can see I have a ton of usernames and a ton of datafeeds, which updates every hour, just in case there is an update. It cost me all 45$ to have this setup, but you can do this on your own if you like - it is just time consuming. You will need to do the following or at least outsource it (way too much work and repetition):

  1. Create a lot of usernames
  2. associate avatars to those usernames
  3. turn off all notifications
  4. login and update the options in twitterfeed
  5. pay your outsources

Add Friends, Find Followers

That is it really, your updates will be viewable via the twitter timeline, where it amazingly gets clicks as well. Another thing is you want to find twitter users base on your tweets. There is a service out there that actually finds users to follow base on keywords - do some research =P. Or you can just use a twitter friend adder tool. This tool basically just picks people that are active via the public timeline. I have it and it cost 50$, I just set it up and let one of my PC just rotate between the usernames I have.

Once these target users are added as friends you want and hope they follow you because if they do they see your tweets. This is the best benefit - this way you have a group of followers that will see and view your tweet and hopefully click on it and converts. You can simply just publish the feeds if you like without finding users but there really isn't any point because it may be hard to get higher clicks.

Avatars are Sexy and Trustworthy

Another aspect which is important is having an avatar. This is important because if you are adding users and finding followers, you want to look real and not just a bot or a loser in the twitterverse, again I paid the guy creating the accounts to just upload an image. An avatar is important to gain trust right away and it works when adding followers. There are other tools out there that will help you with finding friends - there are directories, keyword friend search, a tool that recommends friends to you base on their tweets, etc. There is a lot out there.

What Type of DataFeeds?

There is a ton of datafeeds out there. I used some from LinkShare,, eBay, etc - find the ones you want to work with and just plug it in. TwitterFeed does all the work for you. You can chose to have it update every hour and chose how many feeds to push to the twitterverse. I personally did every hour 2-3 feeds and it works. I recommend doing a quick search on twitter and find what is popular, this gives you a huge advantage when entering as a new person in the tiwtterverse.

The downside of TwitterFeed + DataFeeds = Suspension

This is a huge maintenance because most of the accounts you create will get suspended - depends if you use the friend adder or the frequency of updates, repetition of topics, etc. Everyday I would have 10 usernames suspended and I would create new ones to take the old ones place, it was just too much work for me to maintain - I am getting super lazy lately. I wanted to find and do more testing on how not to get suspended and I found something which I may work with - because not all of my accounts were suspended a good majority of them are still actively working and making money.

As of right now I am not heavily focus with my twitterfeeds anymore as it is a huge maintenance and I have other bigger projects. But once you find the gap between not getting your accounts suspended, then it is basically a set and forget method for you to earn income with ease! The reason why I am writing this blog post and giving you the details. Well not all of the details but the concept is there, just think =P


That is it, there really isnt anything else to it - it is pretty simple to add an rss feed and just leave it alone. Nothing really else to explain, besides the other twitter tools out there which helps with this process. So go and make your money!

Ian Fernando
Involved in the internet space since 2002 and have been through the ups and downs of this online industry. I am a traveling digital nomad, media buyer, online strategist, and many more online titles.

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