I am Winning the Web at Rank 57!

I just got an email from Gyutae, who is a good friend of mine who has released a crazy new platform. It is his new IM Top Blogs. Now this is not an ordinary one which just grabs feeds, alexa, page rank, etc. It actually has a stronger backbone. It is also part of a complex algorithm which is weighted base on the service it is pulling information from. I am surprise to see myself at #57! Almost top 50! But if you sort by Make Money Online Blogs, I am number 8! (it doesn’t specifically say since it does overall rating)

If you remember, Mark from 45n5 has created a similar one as well and it went pretty viral! Well I wonder if Gyutae new system will be viral as well. I think it may, since there is a lot of things that other rating system do not provide. I think it is still in dev as the RSS link does not work.

You are also able to rate the site, just in case the webmaster is trying to game the system just a little. I like this new system since a user can interact with it by rating a website. Another cool factor is links within WTW, which is an interesting stat but I can see where it is going. Gyutae also covers 8 categories in the Internet Marketing sphere: Make Money Online, Affiliate Marketing, Blogging, Social Media, Copywriting, Internet Marketing, Link Building, and SEO/SEM. Take a look and see where your favorite blogs and sites are listed within Gyutaes list. I know I am beating some of the top dogs! =P

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