I Don't Do Video Blogging or Vlogging

By Ian Fernando

The other day Mark posted a tweet, yes I am a twitter whore, about bloggers talking about how video blogging is the next big thing and these authors do not have a single video on their blog. I am one of those readers that do not like to read all the time, I would rather grab a podcast or listen to video. Now a days we are in a system of fast pace moving environment. We want the necessary information now!

So upset about the fact how bloggers are talking about video blogging and how beneficial it is, yet no videos on their blog. This is like creating a digital product, promoting it, and not even using your own product! If you are going to talk about something make sure you can back it up. Do not go and portray yourself as the super expert because you will look like a super ass. There is a lot of fakeness on the internet, especially those who want to make money online.

There are marketers that just want to get content and will write anything that will attract the end user. With blogging you can not do that, specifically because blogging is viewed as an opinionated resource. So many people look to blogs for news because it is peoples' opinions, which sometimes has a stronger point of view than CNN itself.

Back on topic...

Video blogs is a great way to interact with your reader base. You can show emotions and feelings. With writing you can just fake the feelings and emotions. With video you are basically putting yourself out there, you are you and really you can't change that. It is you the blogger that is making yourself more unique than others out there. Having one video is a step ahead of everyone else.

What will people think of me? I am a little camera shy.

So was I when I first started video blogging, my first time on camera, I was a little nervous and I didn't know the ropes. I have read about several cameras and what is needed to do proper video editing, more importantly I am now more comfortable in front of a camera. Being who Ian Fernando is, I am always comfortable in front of a camera. I like having my pictures taken and seeing my self on TV. If I look like an idiot then you must be confusing me with somebody else. =P

The best way to get rid of camera shyness is to video blog yourself everyday. Do not post it on youtube or any other services first. Get comfortable in front of a camera - talk what is on your mind. Soon you will start getting into video blogging and want to talk more into a camera. Once you are happy and being yourself you are ready for YouTube viewers.

Just doing something repeatedly get you more comfortable doing it over and over again. I started with a webcam with poor audio and upgraded to a camera with good audio. I also started being more interactive with the camera, where as before I was just talking. So many things will change and you will notice yourself change once you do video blogging repeatedly. But for me I do not do any sort of video blogging at all...

Ian Fernando
Involved in the internet space since 2002 and have been through the ups and downs of this online industry. I am a traveling digital nomad, media buyer, online strategist, and many more online titles.

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