I Hate Networks that Use Direct Track

By Ian Fernando

So I have another issue and this might be the last continuation from my prior post about tracking and affiliate managers. I have a total of 3 networks that use Direct Track for their tracking system within their network. I have had the worst and first time experience with one network and they have decided to go ahead and work with me and work with payouts to stay with their network, but I think I might change my mind.

I am thinking about deleting all my accounts that I am a part of which uses Direct Track. I find this specific tool is a horrible piece of software that does tracking. I am part of a variety of networks and everyone else's reporting system is far better than Direct Track it is just such a bad system. Here are some issues I have:

  • Too many reports that are generated that provide useless information
  • Interface is clumsy and poorly done
  • Dashboard for Offers is cluttered and provide pointless information
  • SUBID Tracking sucks!
  • Direct Track links are noticeable
  • No freedom of affiliate links

When I look at offers I sometimes email my AM because I do not know what link to use, I hate using banner links or links that associate them with pages, banner sizes, email, etc. I just want the link to the landing page, sometimes they do not have that and I am force to use a banner link for direct linking (even if it is specified for search) - does not make sense.

A direct link to the merchant landing page is important on the networks end as well - the can use the data to see more affiliate marketers are using direct linking instead of those cheesy banners or poorly written emails. (I am not a great writer, just saying) Why do you think a unique link is given to a specific banner or specific creative, they use it to track the conversion and CTRs. Why not have a direct link to the merchant!

The most Important to me, SubId Tracking

SubId tracking to me is the most important part of tracking. I want to know keywords and what clicks are converting and how many times. With Direct Track I found it weird it does not track on a per click basis, according to my AM. Strangely enough another network using Direct Track does record subids on a click basis but it is base on a cookie session. This means a click with a unique subid is generated per click, but if click again or multiple times it will not register in the system more than once.

The other network states it does not track subids on a per click basis but does track it per click, which brings you to a pointless dashboard of the actual link where it came from, which is mostly a redirect link. Now this interests me a lot because I received X amount of clicks on a test campaign and it did not register the next morning when I decided to check it. Talked to my AM and explained to me since the link is cloaked it might not have tracked the link. That statement does not make sense because other links were tracked and what should cloaking matter when the merchant link is cloaked anyways and most CPA networks go through one another anyway which is probably re cloaked 17 times before it goes to the merchants landing page!

I use a unique system to track my clicks so Direct Track system is useless to me, but the fact the networks do not use a highly more sophisticated system bothers me since. I sometimes do want to know my per click basis. It is helpful to me I can compare clicks from the network with my clicks on my tracking system, what good is data if you do not have all of it.

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What I think I will be doing is give the third network a chance with their direct tracking system, they have a really unique link system which is different from the traditional Direct Track links. I am still thinking about this and I will see what happens. All other networks please stay clear of me and the other 2 my account will be deleted - just bad experience, sorry.

Ian Fernando
Involved in the internet space since 2002 and have been through the ups and downs of this online industry. I am a traveling digital nomad, media buyer, online strategist, and many more online titles.

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