I Need to Watch My Links BUT YOU Need to Stay Updated!

The other day I talked about Exit Pop-Ups and the reason why they work. Well I had an affiliate link within the post because I trust the product and I use the product myself. The problem is there were some people who contacted me about the product because it was not working. I worked with some people and even refunded some people. The thing with this is that the owner of the product Exit Magnet Pro should be handling the customer service.

One customer stated they were unable to contact the owner of the product and he was un responsive. I have not contact the owner about this but I felt like I was handling his customer service. This should not be it. The owner needs to make sure to support his products. Maybe I need to check my affiliate links and the product and support but it really isn’t my job to do so, right? You have an affiliate system to get the word out.

This is a quick post just a rambling. Video is better.


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