iAmAffiliate Review, an Underground Hardcore Affiliate Forum with a Personal Touch

By Ian Fernando

Affiliate marketing is a trend that is continuously growing. With that more communities are growing as well. If you have ever read Attila's blog, then you know he came out with a paid forum. I have talked about the 2 popular ones already Afflift vs STM Forum in this post prior.

Today, I am going to talk about Attila's forum, iAmAffiliate. It is a very in-depth hardcore forum into the opposite world of white-hat. If you have read any of Attila's blog posts you know he breaks his strategies down. So much so that his blog post is mostly for the visual reader.

When I went to visit him, we had a discussion about online marketing gurus. Why most don't do what they teach. It is amazing that gurus make most of their income from information that they do not know. A lot of the content is outsourced or licensed. This is why forums are amazing because the owner of the forum is in there helping out and putting himself out there as the expert, helping everyone with their questions.

In the video we recorded we discussed how there are gurus and people that know their shit. There is a difference between these types of people, people who do their strategies vs the ones that read about it and repeat it.

Glad Attila and I have the same perspective of what a guru is.

Read a bit more about this guru pool party...

I bring this topic up because Attila's I am Affiliate forum is a no BS forum. He truly loves the topic of online marketing and media buying. As you can tell in the video we have a passion for it. Attila shows it even more in his forum, just the way he would break down a strategy to his members. You thought his blog post was informative, the forum has great details on how he runs his campaigns and how you should do it.

Gurus just send a PDF then take your money and run. iAmAffiliate is a forum geared towards BH marketing but every aspect in marketing can be used for WH as well, just gotta know when to dial in on the strategy.

Now the forum isn't hardcore BH but there are workarounds to let's say account bans and retargeting. Attila breaks down every part of the fundamentals and then how to revert around it. Most of the content is truly in-depth breakdowns of how to run PayPerCall and FB workarounds.

When you are a member you even get access to all his ebooks, here are just some of them.

As you can see there is already an insane amount of information being provided without even looking through the forum. The ebooks are a great way to be super focused on a topic or strategy, then you can easily dig deep in discussions to get more information out of Attila.

With several topics being discussed, you will find something you are doing or want to start doing. It is important to have a goal in mind because there are a lot of strategies to work within the online marketing space. I tell this to everyone who wants to join any type of forum, people do get lost in the information and just want to do it all then lose at the end.

Here is a quick snapshot of the forum topics and details.

One advantage Attila's forum has is he participates in every thread, even if he just wants to clarify a strategy or go break down a strategy. Attila is involved and will let you know what you are doing wrong. His personal touch makes the forum more robust as being involved in your campaign truly increases the chances of you being more successful.

You just have to make sure you will take action on his process and strategy. Another difference is the posts his own case study within the forum for members. He does post on his blog specific case studies, but there are ones where it is more private and he puts his theories to the test.

Why is this important? ... Strategies and ideas are always changing and it is important to get a new perspective or angle on a topic. Here is one where he does a brand loyalty campaign while doing it legit. He will test his theory and if it is successful you can do the same with your brand or campaigns.

Imagine letting Attila test and fail so you can avoid the mistakes. If Attila does a successful new strategy then you can replicate it and make it work for your own campaigns.

How does Attila Forum truly differs?

You are going to ask this yourself and tell yourself which to join, sure it is natural to ask yourself that especially when spending money on a forum. The main question is how actionable are you, Attila will push you and give you tons of advice. He gives me advice to this day on life and campaigns.

So it is important to note, have you taken action on campaigns before? If yes, then I suggest you join. Is it comparable to the other forums? IDK, they all have their pros and cons. If you enjoy Attila's blog then you will definitely enjoy the forum just because it is rawer with information.

Ian Fernando
Involved in the internet space since 2002 and have been through the ups and downs of this online industry. I am a traveling digital nomad, media buyer, online strategist, and many more online titles.

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