Ian’s First Blog Contest

I have been reading on how to get more traffic to my blog. One interesting part is creating a blog contest. So I have decided to create one and see the effects of the traffic. I figured that if others are doing it might as well join the crowd.

There really is not a lot of blogs that host contest. The only one I see that does this is John Chow. He host contest ranging from comments to traffic. His prizes are very useful too, all electronics.

Reading his post on creating traffic by hosting a blog contest. He has a very simple rule he states and that I understood really quick:

…look at what you have laying around before spending money. If you can’t find anything, then consider offering something that has intrinsic value, but doesn’t cost you any out of pocket money…

So I decided to create an internal page on this Blog where I will be hosting Blog contests. This will be my first time hosting a blog contest. This will be a good case study and see where this will go. If it becomes successful I will decide to continue with more blog contest in the future.

You can view the detailed page here: Blog Contest

This might be better than selling this item on eBay!

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