IANteract Dinner and Share a Sale Party!

By Ian Fernando

After the Meet Market I went to my room and just relaxed for about 30 minutes, I was tired. But a special dinner was being held that night, my IANteract Dinner. IANteract = Interact, but it is personally branded for IAN. You can visit the forum where everyone can interact with each other even me. IANteract is all about interaction and just strong networking. IANteract is for the IANternet Media community, where users of other services, customer support, readers, entrepreneurs, all can interact with one another. This year was the first ever IANteract dinner I hosted with good friends.

But the dinner was for all my friends and meant for a stronger networking event. As I said in the past networking in loud areas can sometimes be annoying and it can be troublesome sometimes, especially if you want to talk business. Private dinners are great ways to organize and setup a nice little networking event. This way everyone can talk to one another with out the battling the loud bass and drunk affiliates.

I have invited a lot of my good friends such as John Hasson, John Chow, Wes Mahler, Steven Truong, Wayne, Christian, and they brought people. It was great to see new faces as it was great for me to network their connections. Invited also were my mentorees, I wanted to show them a good time and to network with all my friends. Everyone knows something that another person doesn't.


The dinner was great and if you have not seen the video from John Chow, here it is below. The dinner was a great way for me to leverage someone else's network. Also I enjoy spending time with a lot of my close marketing friends. I have talked about the type of friends prior and this way I can talk about something everyone can relate to, marketing. By the way I had the lobster and it was crazy delicious. John Chow's lobster was a little bigger than mine I think.


After the dinner it was off to the Share a Sale Party. It was kind of slow at first but it started to pick up a little. A lot of other friends I know wanted to start to battle me on the floor, but I made sure they were up to it. I was planning on going to a club or bar they invited me too, since the Share a sale party started to be a little beat. The music was I mean, lets get serious, you have a lot of young people - cater to their needs.

But it was getting late and I was going to meet up with them and then I got a text from Debby from Market Leverage to go Karaoke, but I am not a karaoke person. Well I decided to stay on the boat and meet up with Paul from Uber Affiliate. Also I had to take care of my main man Wes Mahler, he had a little too much to drink and you can tell Neil look like he did too.

Share a Sale was definitely a good party, just wished I danced a little bit, but hey I can do that when I get back to Jersey. I met up with a lot of new people on the boat and talked about some affiliate business. There were a lot of interesting people on the boat, this one dude was laughing crazy and I didn't know what it was about but he was cracking up crazy. Overall I enjoyed my first night in Boston, it beats getting my fitted thrown by a fat chick.

Ian Fernando
Involved in the internet space since 2002 and have been through the ups and downs of this online industry. I am a traveling digital nomad, media buyer, online strategist, and many more online titles.

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