IANteract New Jersey Meetup202 Tomorrow!

Tomorrow is my first official New Jersey IANteract. I am looking forward to this and to network with everyone. I will be providing everyone at the meetup a FeedFront Magazine, the first 3 issues. I want to thank Shawn Collins and Missy for providing such a great magazine. The location of the meetup is central to everyone and I hope it will be a nice day tomorrow so we can enjoy the weather and the knowledge being spread around.

IANteract is meant to be a social community meant for interaction. With Meetup202 and IANteract teaming to provide such a community will be a great way to collaborate and intergrate everyones knowledge. I actually emailed everyone this morning and told them the meetup is base on their participation, if they make the meetup boring then it will be boring. I believe you are what the community makes it. I have showed this in the past with my controversies among my friends.

I want this meetup to be a place to just chill and hangout among like minded people. I have my set of friends and I have my set of friends. They both differ from each other, I grew up with my team while I networked within my industry. So I want this meetup to have a different change to it. I want to have meetups at theme parks or coffee shops – the memebers make the meetup the way they want it.

I will also be posting about the meetup and will definitely update everyone on how well it went.

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