I'm Not Showing You How to Make Money!

By Ian Fernando

So this is the third time this has happened to me and it sucks. I outsource most of my work, design, graphics, banners, content, etc to other people. My outsources are great people and I have a great connection with them. They do excellent work with my images and content. Sometimes I even help them out when they say they want to start affiliate marketing or do some sort of marketing online. Now here is my problem. I have these great outsources and they do such a great job I tend to help them out with whatever marketing questions they may have.

The problem is they tend to stop doing their freelance work because they are making more money in affiliate marketing than their freelance work. Now that sucks! How and where can I find another great outsourcer in which I am accustomed to. The past 2 times I was a little disappointed because I knew my outsourcers for about 8 months and he does a great job with all my graphics and designs. When he told me he was not doing anymore freelance work and thanked me for all the help, I was like noooooo! But he says he would do smaller work for me not just big work for me.

Another great example is one of my good friends and we met up in Boston. Neil's Web use to do all my landing pages and even help create my popular digital product Premium BANs. Now he is making so much money in affiliate marketing that he just told me to go away, not really. Now me and him are good friends and we meet up all the time at conferences (Boston) and soon at Affiliate Summit West - Vegas.

I went through 2 graphic designers, 1 programmer, 3 LP designers, and 2 content writers. It sucks because I have to start all over and find someone that is better or equivalent to the person doing the specific task. It just kills me that I cant work with that person anymore. I will even sometimes IM (instant message) them asking if they can work on something real quick, but I either get a sorry or they will try.

Now I have a dedicated programmer and graphic designer. These guys love what they are doing and have no intention in getting into affiliate marketing or any sort of marketing. I think the problems is I was looking in the wrong areas or having wrong perspective when looking for outsources.

My first group of outsourcers, I looked for:

  1. interest in marketing - this made sense then because I wouldn't have to explain things to them a whole lot.
  2. knowledge in marketing - made sense at the time because I didn't want to explain too much stuff to them.

My second choice or when choosing an outsources:

  1. I look for no interest in marketing but love what they are doing - this tells me they love doing what they do and it isn't considered work, they want to better themselves with new tasks and projects

You can see the big difference. In the future when I look for more outsourcers, I need to make sure they do not want to learn any aspect of marketing. =P

Ian Fernando
Involved in the internet space since 2002 and have been through the ups and downs of this online industry. I am a traveling digital nomad, media buyer, online strategist, and many more online titles.

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