Implementing Your Product for a Sale

By Ian Fernando

There are a lot of ways to implement your product for finalizing; the most popular one is providing a direct download to your end users, especially if it is a digital product. There are a lot of things to think about when starting to sell your digital product or physical product. First how are you going to sell it? How are you going to present it to your audience? How will you entice readers vs buyers?

The answer to all of this is simply creating a sales page with good sales copy. A sales copy is one of those long sales pages that everyone hates or loves. I have done several sales copy for all of my products with the exception of the newest product I released, I use my blog.

Aspects of creating a good sales copy page thingy (my experience):

  • State the Problem
    Show there is an error in your niche and explain why it is a flaw. Describe the facts about the flaw and how it affects someone from either prospering or doing better.
  • Solve the Problem
    Pretty self explanatory. Solve the problem explain how a simple understanding of a concept can easily make a huge difference in becoming better. Do not discuss your product here, simply say there a is a solution and it can be solved this way, without giving the basis of your product.
  • Introduce your Product as a Solution
    With the problem solved, this is when you can integrate your product. Introduce your product and specify this is the product that will solve the solution. Your product is unique because it will solve the problem.
  • Compare between Problem vs Solution
    Show the problem visually or describe it as close as possible, you want the buyer to imagine the problem. Compare the solution to the problem by showing how valuable your product is.
  • Emphasizing on the Solution vs Other Solutions, if any
    If there are other products similar to yours then give a comparison as well. Make sure you emphasize how ridiculously your product is superior among others. If it is an ebook or information product then there is 'Google' explaining how yours is far more beneficial than searching Google.
  • Guarantee
    By giving a guarantee you give a big window of trust to your buyers and potential buyers. This is important because it will definitely either hurt or help your product. It really depends on your brand and your offer. I have done 30days to 6 month guarantees. I have had to only refund 2 payments with my products I have created.

I think these are the majority of a good sales copy. You want to show your buyer that your product is obsolete among others. Your Product is your product which makes it unique; it is your experiences and no one else's which makes it pretty unique. If your product is a program or script, it is still base on your experiences because you would not have come up with a solution if you didn't bump into a problem.

Tomorrow will talk about pricing, in the video I said traffic but pricing I have not talked about yet.

Ian Fernando
Involved in the internet space since 2002 and have been through the ups and downs of this online industry. I am a traveling digital nomad, media buyer, online strategist, and many more online titles.

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