In Florida, Let’s IANteract?

Florida readers, I am currently in Florida visiting family and having to take care of some business. My flight was entertaining a quick 3 hours from Jersey to Florida but it was also annoying.

There was this little girl in the back of me just happy and every time it was quite and I fell asleep, then a sharp giggle would wake me up. I would here her dad say stop yelling and I was like shit because I would jump up from the annoying squeak giggle she was doing. I would hear her dad say stop yelling but it didn’t stop. Every so often I would slowly drop to sleep then hear here squeak giggle.


Well I am currently in Orlando, will be traveling to either Daytona or Jacksonville, then to Miami. If you are in any of these location, make sure you hit me up on either twitter or facebook or even email. I will be busy but would like to meet up with many if time allows it.

So hit me up!

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