The Missing Strategy is YOU!

My updated 86 page e-guide is the best way to understand the concept of affiliate marketing. Understanding the amount of WORK that needs to be put into creating a profitable campaign. This guide is useless when not put into practice. This guide is perfect for...

  • Users who want to know what affiliate marketing is.
  • Beginners who want to understand the amount of work involved.
  • Students who wants access to resources needed to succeed.

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What You Will Read

Quick overview of some of the topics that I discuss in my guide.

1. Strategy vs Process

Understanding how to tackle a niche and finding the right resources to tackle such niche. Writing down the process once strategized.

2. What Kind of Affiliate Are You

There are several type of sales people and there are different types of affiliates from CPS to CPA to CPL to even revenue sharing.

3. Importance of Data Mining

Just like Amazon, data allows you to optimize your campaigns base on the user experience and gives you a potential demographic of the user.

4. Outsourcing Tasks

Online marketing can be too much work, but there are tasks that can be sourced. Once you have mastered the process, give it to someone else.

5. Traffic Sources To Use

Each traffic sources reacts differently. This guide provides an index of sources and how each one interacts with your ads.

6. Much Much More!

With 73 pages of updated informative content, there is a lot to cover in the world of online advertising and affiliate offers.

What Others Are Saying

Satisfied eReaders of My Affiliate Guide

This guide gave it to me straight to the point. Showed me the venues of online marketing and how I can utilize traffic exposure to acquire more client leads.

James Williams,

Moving from a SEO/Free traffic mindset to paid was scary. Now, I am sending traffic to my blog to affiliate offers which is providing faster revenue than SEO can.

Jitendra Vaswani,

Going from a passion blogger to a more serious conversion driven blogger, I have learned how there are many aspects to advertising instead of just writing.

Rica Bonoan,

Creating online products always needs more traffic, I took this guide and help our affiliates earn more by helping them understand which traffic sources work best.

Jani Ghaffor, JG Media Publishing LTD

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