Internet Marketers vs Affiliate Marketers

By Ian Fernando

Marketing online basically means making money on the internet. Then it dives into multi categories such as internet marketers, email marketers, affiliate marketers, JV marketers, social marketers, info marketers, etc. This list can go on forever. The problem is these marketers or 'gurus' in the info marketing space or internet marketing space are a lot of trash.

Affiliate marketers in my opinion are one of the better breed of marketers because we are always interested about more volume and conversions. While most of the internet marketers out there are about JVing with big guys and gathering affiliates. Notice gathering affiliates, because we know where to find traffic.

While internet marketers are probably about SEO and ranking and creating an ebook. Most affiliates are finding more traffic sources and tweaking to its max. Now I am an internet marketer myself, I have created products and info products in the past. It was my way of getting into affiliate marketing.

But... I was always curious on where to get more traffic. I wasn't interested in trying to build a bond for a month in order to get on someone's list and then have my product or offer promoted JUST to a list. This is limiting a lot of traffic sources out there.

I posted on twitter about how the internet marketers are way behind affiliates marketers. I got a lot of response about this. The reason why I said this is because of Ryan Deiss new info product called Facebook Ad Power. He stated he has been doing it for a couple months and is far better than Google. I agree, it is better than Google. But there are other metrics that Facebook has which Google or any search tier is better at.

But a couple months and creating an info product? I have been using Facebook for traffic since Facebook Marketplace and then they released Facebook Flyers. So I have been on it for quite sometimes. Search the blog I have case studies about when I was on Facebook Flyers. Even checkout my first Facebook Info Product when Facebook Market Place was out! (outdated)

One response I got from a popular info marketer stated... 'most of the 'gurus' actually study CPA marketers'

Now that statement in itself is crazy! Internet marketers admit they are a little behind the times when it comes to traffic. CPA/affiliate marketers are better at traffic generation than anyone else.

This info marketer knows his stuff and even admits when facts are put in front of him. He too does clickbank promotion and is always interested in new traffic sources, even though Facebook is pretty old and new at the same time.

The biggest problem I find in the internet marketing world is they are more all about JVs and exchanging their lists to grow each others or get that quick income from the email blast. Which is cool because the list is concentrated enough that majority of users are buyers.

But then what happens? The info product dies out after a month. The hype is dead. Controversies are on the internet. The buzz is gone. With that information 98% of the buyers didn't do a thing about it.

I have my own info products and I have my own services on the internet. As an internet marketer/affiliate marketer we know how to test multiple parts of a website, landing page, where to find the right traffic, understanding the demographics of the traffic source, etc.

The biggest problem with the info marketers and JV marketers is they create such a buzz and hype everyone is buying the info product and doing a small scale test. It then shows me that no one is asking the important question when it comes to marketing online....

"Where can I get traffic?"

Obviously there are many variations of this questions. But it is very simple. When I first started I kept asking myself where can I find traffic. How did this person advertise on ESPN. Where is this banner being hosted. etc. There are just multiple questions out there to be asking on how to find traffic sources.

The problem with internet marketers is they do not know how to expand outside the realm of what they know. They are scared or stuck. Which is again why I think affiliate marketers are the better breed of marketers because we tend to spend 5k to see if the traffic is viable as a test. We try to conquer the traffic because every traffic source has a different type of demographic.

Again I am an internet marketer, info marketer, and affiliate. I meshed these experiences to give me the knowledge I need to test offers or create a product. It is affiliate marketing that makes me who I am and how I market almost anything.

BTW... heard Facebook Ad Power isn't even all that... which brings the question.... should I make one...

Ian Fernando
Involved in the internet space since 2002 and have been through the ups and downs of this online industry. I am a traveling digital nomad, media buyer, online strategist, and many more online titles.

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