Interview: A TakeOver From Charles Trippy

By Ian Fernando

So the other day I interviewed Jaime Luchuck and now I had the opportunity to interview Charles Trippy! Charles Trippy was the second runner up from the reality show 'Next Internet Millionaire' and I was really hoping for him to win, since I think it is about time that multimedia product should do better than an ebook or book - well I was wrong.

Interviewing Charles Trippy proved to be very different from all of the rest. He has his own attitude and he doesn't hide himself on the internet, Charles is Charles! Charles is also the creator of his new internet related product, Viral Video Fever. Viral Video Fever is a web 2.0 video creation and editing tutorial. It helps noobers establish themselves on the internet by creating viral videos throughout the internet, getting it published on digg, getting it stumbled, getting it noticed! Well let me start the interview!

Charles, first I would like to know how you got into the video and editing video. Do you consider it as a job for your readers or as a hobby for yourself?

i just sort of stumbled into it - i always did videos with friends but never really had an "outlet" until youtube... yeah i'd say it's quite the job with the amount of time i spend on it...

I also noticed you have a blog on Can you explain this? I recalled from the Next Internet Millionaire show, you do not like the concept of blogging or blogs at all.

it's not so much that i hate blogs, it's that i hate the word itself. blog. web. log. blog. blah, it's silly.

Do you think video marketing will be the new wave of marketing as a lot of people are saying? Is it a better way to get the message across? I personally think videos are more for an entertained audience, but there will be very little users looking for educational videos. What is your concept on videos in general?

you know what, to be honest - i hope it isnt. if it is - itll kill it. it's one thing to teach people how to make viral videos for fun, but another to sell some bs product - in my opinion. we got the internet to get away from shit like that, hopefully itll stay away...

i like helping people create videos, i made the videos in hopes that people will create something fun and entertaining - ya know?

The Next Internet Millionaire, throughout the show it seemed you have matured a lot or gained a whole new respect for internet marketers.

eh, i wouldn't say "matured". i just knew how the game worked and i played it. i'm sure it was just in the editing - cuz i was still a jackass at the end 😉

Do you think Internet Marketers will understand the true potential of video as you do?

who knows, if they're smart they will - if they have their noses too far up each other's adsense butt than probably not lol

What was the biggest hardest challenge for you on the Next Internet Millionaire? (immunity, judgment room, etc)

i think the hardest was staying for the whole two weeks - i just planned on going, having fun and getting kicked up by punching someone or something weird. no one remembers the person who actually wins? jaime who?

the lack of sleep was a pain in the ass and there wasn't any bar in the hotel, which was lame.

Was the proposal to your now fiancé planned, with the hot air balloon and beautiful scenery?

it was to a point, yah. i organized it with eric and joel and they said it was cool - so i figured, why not?
at first - the weather was keeping us from lift off - but it looks like it all worked out for the best 😉

For a person that has just started in video and YouTubing (as myself), what advice would you suggest to be given to a noob?

don't start with hardcore ads, you'll be ignored. you have to "penetrate" the community. it's a pretty tough community and you can just run in saying - buy this, buy that, this will make you money. they've seen it all before.

What I learned from the Interview

As you can see from the text, Charles loves to have fun and believes marketing on the internet these days is all about quick adsense income. The thought of marketers that attack the noobs on the internet annoys me and annoys others. Even getting accepted to the Next Internet Millionaire reality show, he kept his own mindset and eventually made it to the finals with umm Jaime....who? So he never put up a front and made it to the finals by just keeping it real off and on the internet!

But before I end this, Trippy TakeOver Films wants to wish you a Happy Holidays

Ian Fernando
Involved in the internet space since 2002 and have been through the ups and downs of this online industry. I am a traveling digital nomad, media buyer, online strategist, and many more online titles.

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