Interview: AffExpert and the NEW POF Spy Tool

By Ian Fernando

There are so many tools online to help with your affiliate business. One tool that I found really impressive lately is Affexpert. Besmir has recently launched a POF tool which allows you to spy on it's competitors. Honestly this is one amazing tool to help you figure out what ads are on POF and which is converting better than others. It beats trial and error because you let others do the work for you!

So I decided to get Besmir to do an interview on my blog. He will talk about AffExpert and the new POF tool. I have been using AffExpert for quite sometime and it has definitely grown since it first came out.

There are many tools out there to help affiliates do their work easier and far better, but which one is the best. I personally use and buy a lot of tools from keyword research to scrapers. There is just a lot of tools to be used to help better your business. Besmir from AffExpert will explain his tools and what it can do to your business.

1. Besmir, can you introduce yourself to my readers and what you do in the online world?

I'm a 24 year old internet marketer that lives in Florence, Italy. I have been making a living online for the past 4 years. However , I've became much more serious the last two years doing affiliate marketing, after I realized that there was serious money to be made promoting cpa offers.

2. I have your tools which is, can you explain what the website is about?

The website is a big collection of the tools that I use personally to create my campaigns. Basically each tool automates a task that has to be done by hand during campaign creation and generally takes away lots of time and is really boring (think of scraping 100 urls by hand then checking the Alexa rank of each one and so on )

3. Why do you think affiliates need these sets of tools to better their affiliate income?

I think affiliate marketing is a numbers game. In the end it's all about collecting data , studying demographics, testing and automating repetitive tasks. Odds are that the one who has launched the most campaigns and tested the most will make more money than the rest. And since the time you can spend working on your campaigns is limited , the person that automates the most has much more chances of earning money.

Sure , you can do all these things manually and gather the same data, but you would lose days to launch just a single campaign while your competition would have launched 10 using these tools.

4. Why are you creating these tools for affiliates and not using it on your own campaigns to be more profitable?

Well, I use these tools every day when launching my own campaigns, and making them available to the public does not affect in any way my campaigns , so why not? This way both me and the users benefit from the tools , it's a win win situation.

5. You have contacted me about your tools and in the beginning it was a free access tool, why did you decide to make it free in the beginning?

It was free in the beginning because it was in beta , so I wouldn't feel good selling tools that maybe had bugs and didn't work as expected. After 6 months , after ironing all the bugs out and getting feedback from the users , I was sure I was launching a solid and tested set of tools , worth the price tag they have.

6. I noticed that your tools are not for PPV specifically but it also includes several other tools for several other traffic sources. Is AffExpert more of a one stop shop for affiliate tools? Or is it more concentrated in PPV?

Yes you are right. The site was started as a set of PPV tools. However, as I've said before , the tools were created for my own use at the beginning , and at the time I was doing mainly PPV. After some time I started mangling with PPC and social ads , and being the automation junkie that I am , I created specific tools for these platforms too. During this time AffExpert evolved into more like a one stop shop for affiliate tools. We offer PPV , PPC , Social ads and several other tools under one roof. Also, I am constantly adding new ones , and even encourage my users to suggest me what they need. Odds are that I can fulfill most of their requests in one week.

7. There are several other tool sites out there. how do your tools compare to the other ones out there.

To be honest , before creating my tools , I was using the services that other sites offered. However I always had the feeling that there were many important pieces missing there. So I just created everything from scratch the way I wanted the tools to be.

At the moment , I can just say that we have 23 different tools for PPV , PPC and Social Ads and more than half of them aren't found in any other site I know. Just to make a few examples, no other site offers a self hosted weighted url rotator , a pof spy tool , a ppc spy tool , a similar domains finder , automatic keyword grouper and so on . So , in my opinion , the difference with the other similar sites is just huge.

8. AffExpert is a membership service, is any data being recorded per member as they do their research within AffExpert?

Absolutely not! I think of Affexpert as a real business and we are here to stay for a long long time. That would never be possible if we are not completely transparent with our users. Also , with the number of users on the site , it would be impossible to monitor the thousands of urls every user scrapes every day . I've got better things to do 🙂 .

9. Do you think POF is the new Facebook?

Definitively! For affiliates POF is really a gift from heaven. They are affiliate friendly , they have tons of targeting options and if you ask why your ads were disapproved you will not get the usual automated response facebook gives you. They also have a presence in the industry forums and even a really valuable blog.

So yes , there is a lot of potential in POF right now.

10. I notice you have a POF tool. POF is getting popular lately, how effective is this specific tool and why is it important?

I think the best way to master a traffic source is to see what are others doing and improve on it. Attention , not copy , but get an idea and improve. Cloning a campaign will get you nowhere. But if you are smart enough to understand what's working and build from there , you will make money. In POF for example , by using my tool , I discovered that niche dating offers do really well . So that gave me some good ideas of what I could do to get a profitable campaign. That's what the tool does. It collects ads from different accounts and sorts them on the number of days seen. The more days you see an ad , more are the odds that the person that runs it is making money. Based on the data you now have , you can analyze the elements that make that ad successful and use these elements to your advantage.

11. Is understanding the POF demographics really important? Everyone on POF are single.

Yes, one of the main advantages of the POF platform is the variety of targeting options they offer. To benefit from these options you must really know the demographics you are trying to sell to. You can't expect to throw a dating ad to all males 18+ and make money. So , to help with this , I've added a tool that shows you the demographics interested in the keywords you enter. These data are taken directly from POF , so you can bet they are pretty accurate.

12. AffExpert is growing, what can we expect in the near future for AffExpert?

Yes , Affexpert is always changing and you can expect the latest cutting edge tools. I always release new tools and fixes once or twice a month so the site is always fresh. For the future ( near future ) I have a few other tools on the works that will make your job much easier when promoting certain types of offers ( I can't give much details , sorry ). Also , I am planning to add some SEO tools , so Affexpert will be the real one stop shop site for affiliate tools.


I use AffExpert because it has some great tools! Now with the POF spy tool, it just keeps getting better and better.

Ian Fernando
Involved in the internet space since 2002 and have been through the ups and downs of this online industry. I am a traveling digital nomad, media buyer, online strategist, and many more online titles.

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