Interview: Alvin is Blogging Atomically

By Ian Fernando

Blogging these days have become almost a sport. There are multiple participants in the field of blogging, trying to blog for money than as a hobby. I blog for money and as a hobby. This blog alone is keeping track of my success and failures, yet I share with my readers what I am doing.

I was able to grab Alvin from his busy schedule to help talk about his recent product called Atomic Bloggin. I have been reading all about Atomic Blogging from multiple blogs and I wanted to go ahead and see if I can get the author to spill some beans about it. This interview is shorter than my other interviews but Alvin is a straight to the point guy, which even fits his Atomic Blogging ebook, straight to the point.

Alvin, can you please introduce yourself to my readers and how you got started on the internet/blogging?

My name is Alvin Phang from Singapore, I started blogging since Oct 2006 on my blog at which started off as a hobby site talking basically about how to generate traffic and money online. What first was just an interest by then has turn to become a popular blog today.

You have a new digital product Atomic Blogging, can you explain the basics of the product without going into detail?

Atomic Blogging is a unique product I have created about the tactics I used to generate well over 30,000+ visitors a month from a tiny blog that first started at only 500 visitors a month. It show real beginners how to start a blog from scratch and also show people how to find profitable products to promote and build massive traffic.

How popular is blogging vs news media websites? What do you think differentiates these two?

Blogging is really popular as when I first started blogging there were over 55 million blog in 2006, as of today there is an increase number to 117 million blogs and it is really growing in a rapid rate. What I feel differentiates the two is that blogging is an art where people can talk about virtually anything but are also more specialized knowledge compared to news media websites.

I have been reading multiple reviews about Atomic Blogging from Carl Ocab and CashQuest. There have been multiple opinions about your product. Is Atomic Blogging meant for the newbies or any range of bloggers going to the experts?

Currently Atomic Blogging is created for pure beginners from the ground up to intermediate bloggers who wish to purse blogging as a full time career.

With Atomic Blogging what differentiates this product from so many others such as Blogging to the Bank?

Atomic Blogging is built upon real knowledge and result that has helped me generate massive traffic on my own blog at . It also shows very detailed steps on how to get started in blogging and also bundles with valuable videos and free themes to help people start on blogging.

You have graduated from Temasek Polytechnic with a Diploma of Info Communications, has this helped you with blogging? Do you think it is necessary for a blogger to have a diploma to fully understand how it works?

Yep of course it has helped a lot in having a Diploma in Info Communications. I do not think it’s necessary to have a diploma but you really need the passion to blog and share to start blogging.

Alvin, besides blogging what other aspects of life do you do?

I love to make friends online and some time take some time off with my parents to go for holidays =)

What I learned from Alvin and Atomic Blogging

Well, Alvin says it the ebook is for beginners, though I am a learner I do not think this ebooks will be beneficial to me. I have been blogging for just over 8 months and I think I have accomplished so many obstacles in those 8 months. As Alvin, I have started blogging as a mere concept and idea then enjoyed the concept. I went through many phases or faces within my blog testing strategies on what works and what does not.

Unlike Alvin, I am a non graduate - but I do have the passion to make it online and become free of my 9 to damn 5 job. I have been successful (meaning I see good income, but not enough to quit my job) with multiple affiliate marketing ppc marketing, email marketing, and even blogging.

Ian Fernando
Involved in the internet space since 2002 and have been through the ups and downs of this online industry. I am a traveling digital nomad, media buyer, online strategist, and many more online titles.

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