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By Ian Fernando

O snap an interview on the blog, it has been a minute since I did a series of interviews on the blog. Today, I have Luke Jasiak from to discuss his PPV spy tool. Spy tools are growing and this is one of the interviews that is straight to the point. Let start....

lukasz-jasiakIntroduce yourself to my readers and let us know how you are involved in our industry?

Hi, I'm Luke Jasiak, I have been in Internet Marketing Game for more than 4 years now. I've started, like many with free methods trying to learn the ropes of ocean of opportunities called Internet. Later on we have switched to Pay-Per-View and this is where we started making first big profits which lead us to doing and testing more paid sources. In 2012 we started, a spy tool for PPV, it was at first developed for our own internal use but later on we've decided to make it a full product. Since that time our main focus has been to make our software as good as possible.

BoxofAds - What is it?

To keep it short and understandable. Think of us as a software that actively looks at what's being promoted on Pay-Per-View networks Trafficvance, Leadimpact, 50onRed. We present that data at an easy to use interface that shows you exact history of a campaign,targets that were used and a type of landing pages that were used over time as well as other activities of advertiser on this traffic source.

Lately, we have introduced Display Advertising module as well. We are younger than most of our competitors on the market like WhatRunsWhere or Adbeat but due to it we are at much more affordable rate. Plus we are actively improving our software depending on requests of our users.

Is the popularity of PPV advertising still popular? It has seemed it has died out the past couple years?

Not really. It's still our main source of traffic to be honest. Maybe it doesn't have a reach like Facebook but it's hassle free when comes to review teams and compliance. As long as you are not promoting prohibited things you are fine so you can focus only on increasing ROI instead of keep your accounts active. As an example one of our users that we will be writing about on our blog soon is making 30k a day in rev from PPV so ya PPV traffic is not dead and on the contrary is going strong.

How does BoxofAds stack up to the other ad spying platforms out there, what are the main differences/features?

First of all there's not much competition on a field of Pay-Per-View. What differs us from companies that are,  is quality. We have a database of 2,500,000 landing pages and gathering 15000 every day. Our display data has almost 500 000 unique banners and 300 000 text ads. It might sound not to humble but in Pay-Per-View field we are leaders and you are getting for what you are paying. On the top of that we add features that are not paid extras like new PPV network we added recently or implement technology that makes BoxOfAds experience that satisfy people in niches that are really unique and not covered by general CPA market.

For display I will be honest here. We lack some as huge database as our competitors but we are building that up and still not over charging for it. If you will look at our pricing you will see that it's competitive compared to other companies and we provide same data quality since we've launched.


Being so young and catching up to the other ad spying tools, isn't your inventory of ads lacking inventory?

In Pay-Per-View field nope, we have biggest database there is on the net ;). In display I agree but give us some time and we will really surprise you and still if you want to trust us with Display Advertising just try us out we have free trial available there. To compensate smaller database we try to shine with competitive pricing.

How does your platform help affiliates generate higher revenue with a higher ROI?

In general knowledge that we provide allows you to increase campaign targeting or take angles that work on different niches and try them on niches you are actively working on :). If you think you don't need that type of data, I won't argue here. But by looking at our analytics I can say that many users are finding it pretty useful and I'm in contact with some really successful affiliates that made biggest brake through after using our software.

What ad networks does your platform spy on? What are future ad networks will it spy on?

Currently our Pay-Per-View module collects data from TrafficVance, Leadimpact, 50OnRed for display advertising we cover more than 80 networks. You can see full list of display networks here

In the future we plan to add depending on requests by our users. More networks or more countries for Pay-Per-View. We are working as well on new traffic source that we want to add as well.

Doesn't this type of platform actually increase bid wars and causes cpcs to rise because of targeted competition?

It would be a lie if I would say no. Of course it increases competition over time but competition is good in my opinion. Ya you might struggle when you are trying to copy and paste campaign but if you are doing so you are using our software lazy way. Try to use our data to expand your current campaigns or use them to create completely new angles that you will use to promote CPA offers. This works and we know that for a fact 😉

Will this platform work with less popular niches? I found some ad platforms do not categorize niches very well and only pick up specific banners because of the platforms internal search criteria.

Ha, glad you asked it :). Yes, it will we are not categorizing our data (yet) as this requires some deep thinking to make it quality categorizing but let's say you are working in a niche that is really exotic like "rabbit herding" most of spy tools are not actively monitoring blogs and website that are about rabbit herding in which case we admit we do not as well ,but we offer you an add-on (for free) that you will be able to enter targets list into and we will scan them within 24hours and present you results that are only visible for you. Sounds fair?

What about BoxofAds can my readers look forward to if they decide to use it? Any special promos for my readers?

Yup Ian, for a chance to share my thoughts I will give yours users a chance to get BoxOfAds PPV Pro for $62 off on each month and 10% off our Display Advertising Packages.

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