Interview: Rob Toth of Buy Now Wizard

By Ian Fernando

From yesterday's post about annoying the hell out of your buyers, I was able to catch the attention of Rob Toth and Don Morris. Both left comments on my post about BuyNowWizard. This is my first time hearing and learning about Rob Toth. I was introduced to Rob Toth from an email by Don Morris, new owner of $7 Dollar Script.

Last night seminar was intriguing and yet non-beneficial to me because of my experience that I already have with the strategies Rob uses. Rob's newly released product is an attention grabber, which is very helpful when trying to give your product a second chance or even trying to up sell to the buyer. This script is simply interacting with the potential buyer so you do not have to. Each of his tactics that he introduces does work, I myself use them and they do convert.

Earlier today, I had the opportunity to get his attention and ask him a couple questions about last night's seminar and his newly product.

This is my first time hearing about you Rob. Would you care to introduce yourself to my readers and myself and maybe how you got started on the internet?

Well, with over a billion internet users worldwide and hundreds of thousands trying to figure out "how to make money using the internet", the level of noise and the number of newcomers is just going to continue to climb.

I probably qualify somewhere in there.

Except I've been fortunate to have been able to replace my job income at age 23 ... a little over 4 years ago.

But it was less than 2 years ago that I shifted to building an "internet business".

Of course, an "internet marketing business" isn't actually a model, it's just a medium.

What I set out to do was to leverage my past experience of generating attention with case study reports, systems design and video tutorials (all of which I've been doing for quite some time)... but I chose to instead build towards an info-publishing model.

I enjoy writing and, in the past, my writings have been well received (an essay featured in a national publication, a report that won an international reader's choice award, and literally hundreds of emails and testimonials).

From all this, my growing "Dear Employee Financial Education Series" started to develop.

Notably, most of my reports are either free or very low cost. I focus on providing quality content at my free / low prices to then build an audience and a web property as THAT is where bigger money can be made online (rather than constantly chasing a sale which is what I see even the so-called experts often doing).

Recently, I needed a "fear of loss" software to use on my offers. A fantastic product was released from one software publisher (also based from here in Canada) but their price tag was $299.99 *and* there were other "attention grabber" functions that it really didn't provide.

That became the birth of my first software release, Buy Now Wizard. It was a necessity for my own business and, it just made sense for me to also package it and release it to others.

Last night you hosted a teleseminar about your new product BuyNowWizard. Can you briefly explain what it does, the majority of the concept without repeating the seminar?

Sure. In short, Buy Now Wizard plays two roles:

  1. as an attention grabber
  2. as a "fear of loss" automator.

Buy Now Wizard is made up of several functions (explained via video tutorials to all customers of the product).

The attention grabbers currently have 3 functions: my own Browser Warning Bar, my version of the now popular "exit window" technology Before You Go Exit Window as well the new "Second Chance Sales Saver".

Each can be used on its own or in conjunction with another. There are new functions already on the drawing board. Clients always receive a free upgrade.

(I should note that a publisher currently offers a similar Exit Window function and their exit window alone retails for more than the entire Buy Now Wizard function.)

Beyond the attention grabbers, the really profitable aspect of the software is the "fear of loss" functions.

Of course, fear of loss refers to playing off of scarcity and urgency to help further push a qualified prospect to action. Please note... that is NOT the same as coercing or pressuring someone. It's simply a mechanism to provide an incentive, a reason for that prospect to buy now rather than coming back to your offer.

These "fear of loss" functions include: a real-time limited quantity counter, a real-time limited time offer, a one-time-offer that can be restricted based on cookies or IP blocking to make sure you stay true to your word when you mention a "one time only" offer, a deadline function (to close your offer at X date in the future) and a fire sale function (which I never really use but customers asked for it).

The point really comes down to this bit of common sense... if you can legitimately grab your web page visitor's attention better than your competition AND you can offer an incentive or a "reason" for them to act now, all things being equal you will see a guaranteed boost in conversions... including for your opt-in pages.

Attention grabbing is very important when trying to convert your readers; it is a psychological proven factor. Why implement multiple attention grabbers at the same time when 1 can work just as aggressively?

Marketing is more of an art than a science. That being said, it's up to the marketer to "feel out" what will work best (and then, of course, they should also test it).

I do not recommend overwhelming the prospect with every function available.

For example, there's no reason (that I can think of) to ever use the Before You Go Exit Window when also using the Second Chance Sales Saver. But it does make sense to use a limited time function in conjunction with a one time offer. Conversely, it DOESN'T make sense to use a limited quantity function with a one time offer.

Should users implement more than one of the functions on their pages? It depends. I've used just the limited quantity offer very successfully (in fact, my 4th release in the Dear Employee series, "My Quick Money Ideas That Worked", which is set to launch tomorrow goes into a bit more detail of HOW I did this).

But then you also want to consider your platform. For example, Ian, you operate a blog. You have a loyal readership. Your income is derived from the monetization of quality content that your readers come back for.

That scenario is different from a direct response sales page where a visitor is NOT likely to return to unless they are ready to buy.

It makes no sense (in my opinion) to use limited time, limited quantity, one time offers etc on a content network (ex: blog, forum) ... though I could still make sure of the Before You Go Exit Window on certain pages.

So it really is more of a question of who is the audience and is it a general information page or is it a direct response page (ie: squeeze page, sales letter, etc).

Last night, I barely heard Don Morris. Were there any audio issues on your end or his end?

I apologize for that. Technical issues can always arise.

Don had to host the call using his cell phone and we found out (a little late) that his reception was a little poor and therefore the quality/volume on his end was tough to hear.

I tried to help the situation by repeating some of his points, but yes ... it made for a tough "one sided" call.

Why have you featured Don Morris on your Teleseminar? Was it because of the similarities of 7Dollar Script?

Actually, last night's call was hosted by Don Morris. I was simply the guest.

I know Don from my own usage of 7DS. I've migrated most of my products to the newer RAP platform as it was a closer match to some of my needs, but several of my reports operated on Don's 7DollarScript.

He and I have been in communication via email off and on and, with the results some clients have seen using Buy Now Wizard, I spoke to him about putting a call together where I could cover some of what I discuss in my Buy Now Report and help "open the eyes" of many to the fact that focusing on traffic *alone* is not an overly effective strategy.

If you completely ignore conversions (which many do), you're absolutely leaving money on the table.

But it was Don's group I was speaking to... he was the ring leader; I was merely the guy doing the yapping.

Lastly, I notice you own – can you briefly describe what is? Right now it redirects to your past birthday. Happy Belated Birthday! is registered simply because it's my corporate name (27AM Network, Inc.). However, that domain is used merely as a redirect to whatever project or offer I decide I'd like to drive a bit of non targeted traffic to.

The domain is indexed well and has a steady flow of miscellaneous traffic from my early days. Especially since a couple of key discussion forums that I'm a member of, I use 27amDotCom as my user name. Needless to say, random curiosity traffic does hit that domain.

The 27AM was chosen because it's a short domain (just 4 characters) which means it will continue to appreciate in value. The 27 at the front of it results in me showing up in all sorts of directories and lists that are alphabetically sorted. While the AM stands for any of the following: automated marketing, automated money, affiliate marketing, advanced marketing, etc.

(Oh, and 27 is also a lucky number of mine).

BUT... in terms of a business application, that domain doesn't do or offer much.

My primary domain that is getting a lot of neat strategies worked on is ... I feel the launch of what's currently in the works for that site will create a bit of excitement for years to come. I have a lot of fun plans for it.

And since I always try to operate with a win-win-win mentality, I believe a lot of folks will enjoy it and benefit from it too.

Thanks for the birthday wishes! It was a great time. You really have to balance life at times and during my birthday I took 4 days off from anything even remotely productive and just enjoyed it all.

What I Learned from the Interview

This is in relations to last night teleseminar and I thought Rob was the main speaker and Don was the guest. Also it would have been really beneficial to hear also a little from Don himself.

Also it is amazing how a $300 product can encourage someone to create a cheaper and useful item. Though again, I personally do not think annoying the buyer's would be beneficial and thanks to Rob you can use each tactic separately. From last night teleseminar that did not come through as being used independently or in conjunction with others. I got from the seminar that all are being used, whew, thanks for the clarification Rob.

Ian Fernando
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