Interview: Super Affiliate Twin – Ryan Gray

Busy week and pretty stressful one as well, but I don’t want to carry that on to you guys because I have an interview I did with Ryan one of the bloggers from the Super Affiliate Twins blog. It definitely has been a minute since I did a podcast on here and I thought it would be interesting to talk to Ryan about how he got in the business and where he thinks the affiliate industry is going.

We also go into discussion about his new service, Internet Marketing University. There are so many new get help forums in the make money space, more so in the Affiliate space that I thought it would be a good idea to talk how his differentiates among the rest.

Not only do we really dive into what the twins are doing and their history, they have input about the industry and how to run a business online. We discussed about the Acai offers that made people greedy and why we need to adapt to change.

More about Ryan and the Super Affiliate Twins

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