Interview: Tracking How You Prosper, 202 Style

By Ian Fernando

I have a great person for you! If you are into the affiliate marketing industry or promote CPA offers, then you know how tracking is very crucial for you and how you are gathering your source of income. Tracking overall is a very important way to track your earnings and investments. With affiliate marketing it is even more important, there are so many things to capture and dissect. For example: keywords that convert, location of the conversion, which ad group is doing better than another, where is the traffic coming from, etc. There is just so many things to dissect.

A lot of ppc affiliate marketers usually track a lot of their information from other networks and compile it all into one. Other hire freelancers to create a nice little program to capture data the way they want it. What about the noobs out there that want to get into affiliate marketing especially PPC?

Enter Tracking202. Tracking202 is a system that actually tracks your conversions, traffic, type of browser, keyword conversion, etc. There are so many aspects of Tracking202 that you did not even know if those specific data existed. The Tracking202 team consists of multiple members and they are determined to bring the super affiliate from within a noob. That is where problems begins. A lot of noobs and even experts did not like the platform of Tracking202 because it held the data on Tracking 202 back end.

Many were even skeptical to even test it out on a basic campaign. The problem is that I see, Tracking202 is a free system for anyone to join. How can a powerful system not charge a monthly fee for such use? This rose skepticism among the affiliate industry. I even got many emails and questions about Tracking202 and how 'honest' the members were. I have hanged out and met with multiple members and even discuss many aspects of Tracking202 with Wes and Steven.

With all the skepticism arising a lot wanted a self hosted system and program. Prosper202 was developed to stop the rumors and let everyone get a chance to track their PPC information and conversions. Prosper202 is just a scaled down version of Tracking202. Now the surprise part is this too is also free! How is this company making money? Why are they making this powerful system free for all users?

I know a lot of people especially affiliate marketers do not like sharing a lot of information and tricks they know. We believe affiliate marketing is a learned trait base on experience, you find your secret canon. A lot even spends thousands of dollars on such a tracking system, yet the 202 Team (I should call them Team202) is giving their tools free, a powerful tool at that. They are not earning a single dime off their system, not even by referrals - they just have a donate button.

To solve this issue I managed to get Steven Truong on the phone to discuss this issue. I wanted to know who is getting paid, what is their benefit, and why they are releasing a powerful system to everyone to be more of a bigger competition to other affiliate marketers.

Affiliate marketing is still young and there is very little competition, besides the big companies. With Prosper202 recently being released, competition may grow - but lets find out. Below you will find the phone interview with Tracking202 members.

Listen to our discussion.
Wes was unavailable for this call, had other business to take care of, like fly his private jet around town. =P

Ian Fernando
Involved in the internet space since 2002 and have been through the ups and downs of this online industry. I am a traveling digital nomad, media buyer, online strategist, and many more online titles.

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