Interview: Wes Mahler and the New Vision of 202

The past couple days I was hanging out with Wes Mahler, Tracking202 team, and BlooSky. As you know BlooSky acquired tracking202. The ideas between Wes and Bloosky owners are some great visions which I do want to see in affect. Expect some big changes in the prosper202 platform and how meetup202 are being organized. The vision they see are very powerful and Bloosky took advantage of what Wes has already done within the affiliate industry.

Well why all this change? Wes and his Tracking202 team has done a great job at creating such a platform, that I bet a good amount of affiliates has or is using Tracking202/Prosper202.  So I had a chance to grab Wes and talk about the merge and the branding behind tracking202 with Bloosky.

We go in-depth about a couple things but also kept it pretty general. Watch the video below…

So congrats to Wes Mahler and his Tracking202 team, they definitely came a long way in 2 years since the development of his tracking platform. Congrats again brother!

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