Interview: What Runs Where on the Internet

By Ian Fernando

Please Introduce yourself and what you do for WhatRunsWhere?

My name is Max Teitelbaum and I'm one of the guys over at I'm the Chief Operating Officer and Chief Marketing Officer (COO and CMO) currently.

Have you done affiliate marketing prior to creating WhatRunsWhere? If so, what have you done in the past?

I've been in the industry for about 5 years, I was a independent affiliate for around four and a half years before I decided to start working on my own software products as well as investing into various other companies inthe space.

With Traffic, is Display the Best source for traffic and Why?

Display is one of the riskiest but best sources of traffic. It has the least restrictions and the most scale in terms of how quickly you can ramp up. I've been buying display traffic for most of my career online and have found it's easier to do than search (no fear of google slapping you), and there's a ton of niche sites/networks that can provide huge ROIs if you spend the time to test them. At the same time, it's not too friendly to newcomers or people that don't know what they're doing, you can loose a lot of money quickly without the proper risk management techniques (like frequency capping / budget capping) so be aware before you start!

How did you come about in creating WhatRunsWhere?

Mike, the founder of WhatRunsWhere actually built all of the software. I just add another pretty face and actually take care of all the marketing and sales of the product as well as the vision for the company/product going forwards.

Why do you think a tool like your is important to our industry?

We offer insight into an previously "dark" space of the industry, one that had no clear way to easily see what was happening in it. We offer more data than anyone else on the display side, not just on banner ads but ontext networks like Adsonar and Pulse360 too.

How much data and what kind of data do you gather for your users?

We gather more data than any other similar service. We gather data on both banner and text ads including who's running it, where it came from (what placement), how long it's been running, all the traffic sources they used (we identify them for you), all the other domains the person owns and a bunch of other cool metrics too.

How does it compare to others? We are seeing more and more display spy tools out there now.

I obviously feel we're the best at what we do, and I think our users agree. We provide a level of insight and scale that other have a hard time matching. We also listen to our users, are fast on support and are constantly improving/building new features into the product to make their lives easier and their marketing more profitable.

What do we expect to see in the near future for WhatRunsWhere?

More scale (more ad networks being classified, the number of sites we crawl being increased and the speed of our database significantly improving), and a bunch of new features (I can't really say anything about them publically but they're coming and are REALLY useful/cool). We have a lot of stuff "cooking" back in the lab, so keep your eyes peeled!

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