Introducing the New Blog and Extra Traffic Sources

By Ian Fernando

This will be my last post on my new blog startup (maybe, unless I find a good strategy to share)and by the way I would like to introduce you to the new blog I have been working on in the past 2 weeks.! Already within the past week I have achieve consistent traffic of about 17-33 average readers on my new blog a day. I also have earned a couple dollars from Chitika's PPC system. This is great for a startup blog.

I will soon be doing some SEO and doing a little more traffic enhancement. I will talk about the minor traffic strategies below, as these strategies do help with traffic. But before that I would like to introduce you to my new blog. is a technology website. I like technology and I like watching and reading about it as well. It is amazing how technologies has advanced and are being used for good use: from computers to nano robotics. Soon we will be in the skies and cities will be networked providing great and a vast stream of information.

Well here are some other traffic marketing strategies that I use to help generate an extra amount of traffic. These descriptions should help you if these types of tactics will be beneficial for you. Though these techniques may not provide a flood of traffic it does get targeted users.

Forum Marketing:
Forum marketing can be a very profitable exercise when you start your internet business. Use forum marketing to drive high quality visitors to your website for free. Once you are making money you can reinvest the profits into paid marketing like ezines and ppc. The significant factor with forum marketing is that you need to do your research on which forums to post regularly on. Target the wrong forums and your efforts could be in vain. You need to find forums directly related to your product or service.

I usually ask for a review of my site. Getting a critique of the site and getting some hits to the site, though most of it may not be targeted. I also tend to look for forums with rss feeds of my website. So when I post something new my articles shows up within the forums I am participating in.

Article Marketing:
You can receive a good thorough traffic through article marketing. If you are able to write good articles, you have a chance to earn good money. There are millions of web sites which need fresh content every now and then. Articles which are well written always have a demand in the market. If you are a good writer, you can find lots of opportunities on the web to earn through article marketing.

My first couple articles that I write I submit to article directories for reprint, and once someone reprints my article I get a link back and receive their traffic.

Comment Marketing:
I comment on related topics that I wrote about. Also, instead of just providing them my regular dot com I provide them the full permalink to the post that is related to the topic I am commenting about.

Comment marketing is also good especially for those blogs that are part of the no no follow community. This is great for SEO and optimizing your links. Especially if a post receives a page rank, which means that pr will weigh in with your current pr. But some blogs do not have no no follow or have not heard of no no follow, its good to still comment because curiosity will bring that author to your site.

Link Exchange:
SEO helps increase my PR. I use a program such as SEO Elite and Link Assistant to help me with this. They provide both a good email template and finding good PR sites for link exchanges.

These programs do most of the work for you, all I have to do is just hit a couple buttons and that is it and I have a good link exchange with a good website, getting a good amount of traffic. BUT, I do not go straight for high PR/ Alexa/ Y! Traffic etc websites. I usually tend to stay in the same ball field and at least 2 PR higher than what my current pr is. Because some webmaster may just look at your site as taking advantage and you do not want to do that you want to create a good relationship with the author or webmaster.

eBook Distribution:
Provide a free ebook with distribution rights. This is a VERY powerful way of generating viral traffic. Write a short ebook about a specific topic and post it in forums and on your website. Allowing the the reader to distribute it freely. This becomes very viral, because your ebook should have your web url and information about your site. In essence the reader will either click or visit your site to find more information about the topic.

eBook distribution has been very successful for me as I have grown my Opt-In list very well. I use free ebooks to grow my list everyday.

Joint Venture:
If I am selling a product or have an affiliate system I tend to ask others to join and help, providing extra material as well to help with the promotion. I usually tend to provide a free gift if they do accept and if they do I will share my traffic with my JVs, since they will be the first that will provide me with the surge of traffic. Networking is key with JV partners.

Social Communities:
MyBlogLog/ Myspace/ FaceBook/ BlogCatalog/ Bumpzee are all great places to promote a new blog or website. Social communities are growing everyday, and they have tons of traffic everyday. The fact that we like to communicate better and learn better is essential. Each community has a purpose and serves as a great source for traffic, using and trying to filter traffic is hard work but once you get the hang of it, you will get a good amount.

These are the rest of the marketing tactics I will be doing over the course of the blog. Each one provides me some traffic and hopefully soon to be a good source. I have spoken about several great sources of traffic, especially keyword optimization. Most of my consistent traffic for about a week has came from SERPs. That means I have optimize by keywords, making it keyword ready from the day I created my first article or post.

Ian Fernando
Involved in the internet space since 2002 and have been through the ups and downs of this online industry. I am a traveling digital nomad, media buyer, online strategist, and many more online titles.

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