iPhone Craze: Can the Niche Make you Money?

By Ian Fernando

Updated: 06-25-07 | 20:04
I have been hearing so much about the iPhone that money making blogs are posting them. Is it the keyword iPhone that triggers marketers to post and blog about it, even though it has nothing to do with their blog? Just to grab that traffic? That shouldn't be so since it does not relate to their blog.

Even the popular Blog DoshDosh has posted iPhone on his blog, but attacked it as an entrepreneurial way. DoshDosh says:

For businesses, entrepreneurs and even bloggers, the iPhone is a powerful niche market with a great amount of monetary potential. Websites centered around the Apple iPhone have been sprouting up as more people are searching for information concerning the iPhone.

Do you think the iPhone Niche is profitable? Well I think I will be doing a test on this. In the meantime check these stats:

iPhone Craze Stat Screenshot

As you can see from the stats, there are about 1500 hits for just today with an average of over 5000 a day. I have checked these stats right here. At the time of the screen shot there is only 1500 hits who know how many more will visit the website.

Weekly the stats says its at over 36000 users average per week! Imagine grabbing all this traffic and diverting it to your blog, but it needs to be related somehow! iPhone users are always looking for updates or more information about the iPhone. These are just 'scavengers' just looking for information and not wanting to buy anything.

I would assume adsense like sites do pretty well since if they do not find the information they want click on an ad, if placed properly that is. Creating money in this niche should not be hard as long as you do it early and not after 6 months after the release.

This reminds me when I released BlackJack Hacks and Tweaks. The popular Blackjack is still providing me some income, though it may not be substantial 6 months ago, it still produces. I imagine this will be broken down even more once the iPhone comes out.

The phone is being released in the US on the 29th of June. Even before this date there has been so much commotion about the Apple iPhone. There has been multiple arbitrage sites, blogs, adsense sites, etc just to try to make income off the Apple iPhone. This craze has saturated (in my opinion) the internet. Several domains were bought just to have the word "iphone" in them. Communities such as forums were also made to capture a live and hungry audience.

Marketers are not thinking in the right direction, to me being on the internet is all about information. Sell information and make bigger amounts of cash. Marketers create blogs with adsense, but how high paying are the words "apple" and "iphone?"

Just putting up an adsense arbitrage site for the heck of just producing a page with words and in hopes to create clicks is useless and pointless in my opinion, plus Google HATEs these types of sites.

Marketers or money makers need to think of a great way to generate income from this niche. Now for me to add in the saturation I will be doing a test, can I really make money off the iPhone niche?


Well  I have done just that and created a little test, you can view the landing page here: iPhone FAQs

Wonder How many People will view it and Opt-In

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