It is Time to Get Freaking Organized!

By Ian Fernando

So this month by far has been my best income month in the past couple months of blogging and internet marketing. I have met a lot of new people and learned from a lot of them as well. My workspace is comfortable to my own comfort and how I think I should be able to work. I also tend to depend on reporting from the affiliate networks or PPC networks I am part of. Well with all these new clashes of campaigns I wanted to centralize everything to my own works. Before the New Year or into the New Years I will be creating my own excel money manager. But first....

I need to get organized - from my workspace to my money making sources. If you have not seen my workspace comparison to Probloggers then don't =P. I will be better organizing my workspace or office to better suit the needs of my busy schedule and being organized shows that I am being serious about my workspace and making money online.

Right now here is my work space. Click on image to be taken to the photo album.

DSCN1523 DSCN1517

As you can see it really isn't all that organized. I need to go ahead and clean things up a bit and fix my bulletin board or update. I am looking at right now and there is some old stuff on there. Also my table on the left side needs to be organized and clean, get rid of some papers and stuff. Most of the papers are ebooks I printed and ebay sale records, maybe even some bills.

Well you can see how messy I am - I need to get organized since this will be my workspace and I can not work in an area where there is mess or can I? Look at my desk job workspace.



My desk job is far cleaner than my home business desk. So I think I will definitely organize my desk to better fit what I need. I will update with pictures once I fix and update it more. As being my desk from being organize, I have been working on an excel file to help me better organize all my sources of income so I can have a birds eye view of all my income sources.

With all the projects that I am doing and all the income that is coming in, it is hard to track and always log into all my networks and look at the numbers to see if I did good, bad, determine my ROI, what is my total spend, etc. So once I finish fixing up my desk and my little workspace I will go ahead and finish my excel project. What it will do is log in to all my networks export it and excelify it! The best thing is all the networks I am part of, all the stats are in tables which is perfect for excel!

Why Get Organized

The big reason I want to get organize is to start seeing my full income as a whole and not just as an individual income. It is important to see your full income from all your sources as a whole. This is because you want to do a comparison between what you are spending and what you have earned. This will tell you what your ROI is and how much you should spend next month etc.

Wouldn't you feel better if you can view your total income in one big lump sum (wow I think I just sound like one of those lump sum commercials) instead of as small bits and pieces. I would feel better if my total income was 6k instead of 1k here 500 here 125 here etc. So organizing your income needs to be perfected, not perfected but organize enough you can look at it and say "Damn I am the Damn Best!"

So being organized is a great way to feel better about yourself and feel you have an actual workspace that you want to go to. Fix up your desk and let me take a look at it. Take a picture and write a post about your workspace or how you organize your income sources, link back and get linked. I am interested to see how others keep their incomes organize and how messy or clean your workspace is.

Ian Fernando
Involved in the internet space since 2002 and have been through the ups and downs of this online industry. I am a traveling digital nomad, media buyer, online strategist, and many more online titles.

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