Its an Epic Journey: Guru Slayer

By Ian Fernando

Everyone is on the journey to financial freedom correct? If not, you are crazy because I do not and can not see myself working for someone besides myself. Financial freedom these days is an epic journey since we have to read, explore and use strategies to help us succeed. Exploring multiple ways of earning an income can leads us to traps, dark caves, and isolated villages. What I am saying is there are scams out there that can mislead your thinking, leading you in the wrong direction or just out there to get your money.

 But there are factual ways of making money, but they are hard to come buy because as a young entrepreneur you are engulf of information. Which piece of information to trust, who to trust, what guru to seek.

Lets take for example a young sorcerer, they must start small and learn the mystic ways of being a sorcerer without spells and magic. As he grow he is taught the basics, and learn on how own the spells and magic. Once he becomes an elder, he knows so much he can either create and combine magic to make a more powerful spell. This is the way of the entrepreneur.

Starting young and learning the mistakes made, you benefit from it. Learning and growing from being a peasant on the internet to a guru is hard. There are many steps to being the Guru. There are others out there that want to take over a gurus position without doing all the hardwork, with that said there is a ebook just released called GuruSlayer.

Guru Slayer is what is being sent, slay the guru and you to will become a guru. The art of this new information product is copy cating someone else at success.

Someone desiring to learn how to play a musical instrument would learn way more quickly by locating a top notch instructor who would show them how and what to do along the way versus figuring it out themselves as they went along, right?

Of course!

It "Decades in Days" as you can learn in days what it took the teacher to learn in decades. This brings us back to learning from a known wizard instead of a farmer slautering lambs. It seems we all learn from one another and their mistakes, but teaching you the proper ways benefits you more, lessing the mistakes you make can produce faster profits.

It seems all the peasant on the internet are attempting and trying to live in a castle or learn the magic of the internet, but there is no one to teach them or learn from, they have no knight to help them on their way to success or battle the trolls that comes their way. GuruSlayer will help you on your way there, bring you to the fields to teach you affiliate marketing strategies no one have used or is unspoken of.

Andrew Fox is calling it the 'Guru Slayer' method and apparently it?s the step-by-step blueprint *ANYONE* can use to make it online.

In fact?

Andrew has claimed he has exiled himself as a Guru and got the whole affiliate marketing industry in an uproar! The average guy being able to compete with a Guru and gain the upper hand? People are talking and I think we are on the brink of an industry changing event..

Among other things, Andrew even takes you Step by Step and shows you how he build put together one of the hottest affiliate product campaigns ever (Dominating Clickbank). You will learn the tried and true techniques on how to make real money with Internet & Affiliate marketing. To read more about GuruSlayer, visit:

Ian Fernando
Involved in the internet space since 2002 and have been through the ups and downs of this online industry. I am a traveling digital nomad, media buyer, online strategist, and many more online titles.

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